Mansoor Moazzeni 10-04-19 16:53:05

Hi, I offer and sell you around 90 different caps
from Iran. All my caps are in
excellent conditions, they aren’t damaged or bended. Because they aren’t
removed from the bottler by cap-remover, I use spoon instead.

For picture of caps,
please write to me.

Dikke jochem 10-03-18 20:25:26


Susan 23-12-16 01:44:15

Fantastic website!!! I can see what I do & don't have.

Karoly Focze 29-01-13 11:34:25

I collect the coastersfrom world.I'm interest swap other collector's. If interest swap with me,please write e-mail.
My web-site :
Regards, Karoly ( Charlie -from HUngary )

MIRCEA GOREA 10-01-13 17:06:04

Great site... Congratulations!

My name is Mircea Gorea and I'm a beer coasters collector from Romania.
If somebody agree an exchange, please contact me at

Vojtech Kocián 13-12-12 11:10:42

New catalog of beer coasters in Czech and English language - daily updated:

giuseppe 17-02-12 17:08:15

good morning at all fellow collectors, my name is giuseppe from italy, I like to collect beercoasters, I can offer in exchange beercoasters, beerlabels, caps etc etc, I speak english, french and spanish. I answer at all friends.
please contact me thank you so much

Éverton Rodrigues 17-02-11 17:02:11

Hello friends! I'm from Brazil and I collect beer coasters from all countries. I have
some coasters for exchange. I want to exchange beer coasters with
people from all countries! Regards, Éverton Rodrigues (BRAZIL)

M , Islam 02-01-11 15:05:29

I am from Bangladesh. I can offer the most rare Bangladesh beer item/sell them. If you interested please mail me,
E-Mail < >
Kind regards,
M. Islam.

Antonio Beltrão - BRAZIL 27-11-10 01:27:15

Collector beer coasters Brazil ,exotics and others. Interested send me scans doubles beer coasters . My e-mail > > Regards . Antonio > Brazil

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