Francesco IK8TEO 28-03-09 22:14:46

Beutiful QTH
Antennas are too high and very near betweem them.
Try one loop closed antenna only, like a four elements cubical quad, at 1 lamda (12m) over the ground. Will be the best solution for 11meters band.
73 de Frank IK8TEO

eric 08-03-09 05:52:07

ERICK,congratulations on your web site,your antennas are awesome and i really like your qsl section where i have a few contacts in common with you.I was 9at169 in the early 90's and i would like to rejoin the AT group but never had an answer to my emails...if you are still active i will be looking to hook up with you during the uprise of the next cycle,73's ERIC from Quebec,Canada.

eddy(16ky22)belgium 07-10-08 18:09:35

ERIK,heel mooie website!Ook de antenne opstelling is uit de kunst.Zo voor nu groetjes 73 voor u en de ganse familie van Eddy uit Sint-Niklaas!Belgie

27sm446M/M 07-10-08 15:42:08

good work best visit from my 73/51 my homepaest is PS Good locm

27.555 27-08-08 00:30:00

Very nice website and your antennas are incredible. I'll keep listening from your friends in the Northwest Corner of the US. Finally got my base setup and your website is inpiring to me!

26TM558 adrian 25-07-08 05:21:36

nice set up erik, will listen out for you on 11m


20AT103 Eskil 18-07-08 23:41:13

Hello Erik nice page, Good work

best regards from 20AT103 Eskil from Kr.sund Isl Norway

my page is :

Mikhail 18-07-08 08:43:57

I have looked your photos. It is fine. Envy your energy and shifty.

Best wisheses 73!
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2WR2811 NeedleBender 2811 04-06-08 00:54:10

Hey Erik, When you got some extra come over to the states and help do a little work to my array.

Looks AWESOME!!!
de 2WR2811

My home Page

19ac153 rob 25-05-08 00:07:25

mooie site!en leuke spullen heb je daar staan, daar is menig amateur jaloers op! 73 19ac153

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