Mr Kelly 17-05-13 14:11:48

I would like to thank all the students that came to our Camp in Dublin and to Bob and Frank long time students of mine on their promotion to 4th Degree and 3rd Degree we all had a wonderful time and hope to see more of you at our 2014 Camp in Madrid next year Hosted by David Perez De Lara the Dates are 2nd 3th 4th May 2014 and we hope to have 2015 in Florida USA Host Ray Sinclair more on that when the time comes so get saving for both Camps remember time goes so quick

Michael Mangal 11-05-13 18:46:41

Bob en Frank,

GEFELICITEERD met je 4e en 3e graad zwart!


Jaco Janse 21-09-12 20:32:14

Alle geslaagden van harte gefeliciteerd met het behalen van een nieuwe band. En Dwight, Eus en Faisel, ontzettend knap gedaan heren, respect!

Hoop snel eens langs te komen om te zien hoe het met jullie gaat.


Mr Kelly 17-09-12 20:25:05

Please ask your Instructor about next year's E.K.K.I Camp in Dublin the Venue is up on Face Book on European Kenpo Karate International Camp 2013.There you will find out more or just ask your Instructor.
Mr Kelly.

peter .s 07-07-12 21:08:38

and now whe have 4 trainers Cool gj ..
on getting black belt rank 1..
grz on green belt 2

peter .s 28-06-12 22:30:30

Echt respekt tege 3 man sparre!!!
Gefeliciteert met je blue beld GJ...

Michael Mangal 10-06-12 07:29:36

Michiel, gefeliciteerd met het behalen van je gele band examen !

Dennis Grondman 21-02-12 14:02:49


peter .s 04-10-11 23:43:56

Gefeliciteerd Wouter met je Yellow Belt.
Goed gedaan man .

Brigitte 21-05-11 20:55:00

Gefeliciteerd maatje!!!!!!
En de rest ook natuurlijk!

Groetjes Brigitte

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