Paul Whitworth 07-11-16 22:04:30

Sad to report the R611 casemate which was a part of Stp.Lowe, It was located at the Western entrance to Calais main port has been totally destroyed. Also today I noticed the orchards along the N35 at Veurne, where two bunkers from WW1 are located have been dug up ready for a new industrial development.

john hancock 24-06-15 18:56:57

One thing has surprised me greatly in the construction of all these bunkers, the complete absence of steel reinforcing bars. Was this a deliberate omission or just to economise on the use of steel ?
For sure, the very siting of these structures on sand and so very near the high tide mark , has ensured their destruction by natural events !

J&H 13-04-14 15:16:12

My friend and I took the initiative to preserve the Kriegsmarine bunker of the Marine Peilabteilung (MPA) Flandern, later named MPHS (Marine Peilhauptstelle) Brügge. Thanks to this site you can see the result, it is now a monument and acts as a landmarkto remember the victims of this bombardment on May 28. 1944. We are continuing to research its history and any help is most welcome: please mail us at

I am very interested in this topic as I am still searching about more information about the bunkers. At least one of them was 'St', I hope that more pictures and info will surface then those who are already known to us.

The preservation of one bunker with monument is great.(unfortunately vandalized by graffity a while ago), but remembers the bombing victims of May 28 1944 and the important German listening basis build in this area.

gr, buran

Paul Whitworth 07-02-14 19:28:34

Just found out today via another Atlantic wall website that the Dom bunker in Calais which was the shelter for the German railway gun could be destroyed soon this will be a great loss for future generations to see and visit, I noticed last December that the post-war structures attached to the shelter had been removed making it visible to look into the shelter, the building has survived since 1945 in very good condition. Sadly just along the coast from Calais last year we lost a major part of the Atlantic wall Stp Pommern at Wissant

Hi Paul,

I am also very concerned about this evolution. Stp Pommern has been demolished and now this. The three Dom bunkers which were build still exist. I hope this will remain so.

gr, buran

Timothy Day 17-12-13 19:36:56

I really enjoy your pictures, am a war history buff & am just beginning my information searches. Want to make it to Europe soon, I was in Berlin in 1969-70, my barracks was the old SS Kasserne & had a few 'iron trap doors'. Tim Day

Thank you very much for your appreciation Tim !

Paul Whitworth 21-02-13 19:04:10

Some sad news have been informed that the destruction of Stp Pommern batterie on the beach at Wissant France has started in January 2013 This is a great loss to anyone who has an intrest in WW2 and the Atlantic Wall the batterie included a rare Regelbau 600 with stairs to the gun position this soley will be a great loss to historians. The batterie on the beach was visited by many tourists from around the world.

This is really, really bad news. Wissant has lost a piece of its history.

Stuart 20-02-13 21:20:04

Great site! Really like the simple layout. Nice to see the Todt art before the 'artists' destroyed it all. Keep up the good work in Belgium!

Thanks !

WALTER GLOVER 14-08-12 20:38:07

Excellent website!
I hope I will be able to visit these sites myself someday

Thanks everybody for the nice words about the website and the information given. The website is alive and well, please remember that you can acces it by typing in or
The AWB(Atlantikwall Belgium) will continue with its research about WW1 and WW2 remnants along the Belgian coast(to Boulogne). There is still much to add so keep on visiting our website. All info, pictures are welcome, we will always ask permission for publishing with all the credits given.

Greetings, the AWB team

Pierre YSERBYT 09-08-12 23:48:52

BETREFT : Bunkers Oostende HUNDIUS R502 nr 31 en M157 nr 7.
In deze bunkers heb ik bij de Marine nog radiowacht gelopen in 1964-1965, dit heette toen .147. De zenders zelf stonden opgesteld iets verder in Bredene dit heette toen .50.

john poyhonen 03-08-12 03:41:24

Great photos! I've been looking here for examples as I'm building a diorama including a bunker and this has been very helpful. Thank you for assembling this collection.

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