Mark Houghton 11-02-12 18:17:57

There was a V1 launch site in the forest of Renty in the Pas de Calais postcode 62560. Also, less well known is the V1 site in the hamlet of Rimeaux which is also part of the commune of Renty. It was destroyed by the RAF in 1944 but vestiges remain.

Dr Garitte Claude 29-01-12 10:50:01

I'm a retired MD,and live now in Brly de Pesche.There are only 500 m.of wood between Hitler's bunker and my house : Unser Fhrer ist mein Nachbar !
I come on holidays in Brly de Pesche since 1945,and at that time,the bunker was wide open and completely neglected,we plaid inside with the boys of the village,and I even found a german typewriter in the wood ! (unfortunately,I didn't keep it !!)
Now,all is well structured, the bunker,a little walk in the wood, 2 museum-chalets with many photographs about WWII in this country : Hitler,Goering with their staffs in Brly,in front of the church,the school,the presbytery... aso ,with the photographs of the same sites at the present time !,many weapons of the Resistance,mines,uniforms,sabotage equipment aso...,the reconstitution of a "casbah"(shed) of the Resistance,a movie about WWII aso....
Come and visit the Historical Site of Brly " Der Wolfsschlucht": that's worth coming !
Dr Garitte Claude

Many thanks Dr Garitte,

The site of Brly de Pesche is very interesting indeed. And it is situated in one of the most beautifulls part of the Belgian Ardennes.

It is almost unbelieveble that Hitler chose this area as a HQ for the invasion of Belgium and France, but with anything else almost unchanged it is easy to make a comparison with then and now. I have been there on several occasions, but I would certainly return.

gr, Buran

paul whitworth 23-10-11 21:48:06

Great website very helpful and very informative on the Atlantic wall
Have been taking advantage of day trips at very reasnable prices by P&O Ferries from Dover to Calais - 17 return with the car - and visiting many Atlantic wall sites along the French and Belguim border and V1 /V2 sites. Very much recommend a visit to the Blockhaus at d'Eperlecques at Watten
Visited Batterie Pommern at Wissant France last week and noticed bunkers on the beach had new numbers in red paint painted on them. Also danger signs have painted in large letters on each one, I think they plan on breaking them up soon. So sad that they can not be left for people to visit for future generations.
Have taken many pictures of Pommern Batterie just in case on my next visit I find they have been destroyed forever.

mark simons 18-08-11 15:33:44

concerning de fuel bunkers in Zwankendamme: since a couple of months you can see a small bunker, square, 3mx3m, on the same channel-promenade approximately 200m further to Lissewege. It became visible after some-one cleaned up the vegitation around it.
Does anybody know if it is connected with the fuel bunkers? On top there is a hole (=entrance) that is filled up with soft stuff, I did not yet try to clear the entrance.
Mark Simons, 8380 Zwankendamme

I have adapted the KB-KSS page. It was one of the bunkers I kept secret but now it can be seen by everyone because of the disappearance of the dense forrest it was located in.
It is a KB and was not related to the nearby fuel bunkers of Zwankendamme.

gr, buran

Trevor Jordan 10-08-11 04:35:54

Hello, great website. Planning a trip France and Belgium next year from Australia. Any suggestions on an agenda to see as much in limited time ?Looking forward to actually seeing as much as possible.


I would not hesitate to visit the batterie Todt Audinghen, France and atlanticwall museum in Ostend. Also the Forfreedom museum in Ramskapelle is very interesting. But there are still so much things to see that a selection is rather difficult.

gr, buran

ducamps 15-07-11 23:03:58

V1 'Heavy Base' in the forest of Tourneghem.

just to signal a fault into the name : the right way to write it is Tournehem (No G)

For the V1 launching base of Noircarme; there are also Blockhaus (commandement bunkers) into grassland around the Noircarme fram : big house at 300meters from Lieuse where was located the launch base.
me oncle who was lived rhere (he is dead now) report that a troley containing 2 V1 was bombed at the cross and exploded, blasting a house which was nearby

Thanks Mr Ducamps. The V1 site of Journy has been corrected.

I would like to add that the location of the server will be changed soon.

So keep up your bookmarks with:

or backup site


buran 10-03-11 20:03:13

Sorry a bit late but here are is the Google maps location for the Proven V1 launch site;,2.6930938&z=15&t=h&hl=nl

It is situated what has been named as 'Dozingen'. A small road is leading into the woods. The road itself is concrete. Not far away you will already find the a-magnetic platform.

gr, Buran

Teme 04-03-11 10:54:50


fine pages, lots of information. Im going to Belgium to Ypres tour around WW I places, and find out that very near is V1 site (Proven), but could not find any direction/ location/ address to that place. Can you help me to find that place? althoug I found this Proven town from my GPS


Stevo 22-02-11 15:48:12

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for mensioning us on your site.

buran 17-01-11 22:50:17

Hallo Ronny,

Unfortunately I do not have much info about Stp Flakberg but I hope some will come out !

Helaas niet veel info over Stp Flakberg, hopelijk doemt er wel iets op ! Wie weet ? Alle info over wat dan ook is welkom.

Buran - webmaster

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