Stephen Hennessey 27-07-17 00:50:25

Big J, we met in Germany, on I think your 69th birthday. You were playing a gig with my friend Katie Webster, who I was visiting on my way back to the states. I had just arrived from work in Saudi Arabia, where I contracted out for a few years. We had a blast I will never forget you playing while you came back thru the green room. I think Ziggy akso showed up. Cherished memories. Hope all is well.

Arnoldo Cedero 22-05-17 18:13:13

God Bless you Big jay !

David Wheeler 20-05-17 21:06:56

I had a band director in high school who played sax, and would always use your records to highlight the "wilder" side of sax improv and writing.. Always enjoyed the vibe of your music, and playing style..
He passed away this past year, but his love of your music wasn't lost on us, and after just hearing your interview on NPR's "American Roots", I'm so glad that you're still at it, and hope you can continue for many more years..!

Jim Munding 16-03-17 21:19:37

As a teenager early 1950's, I lived in Santa Barbara, California....every weekend a band from Los Angeles would play in Santa Barbara...bands like Earl Bostic, Roy Milton, Chuck Higgins, Joe Houston and Big Jay.....I saw them all...
I had the pleasure of seeing Big Jay at Big Mama's Rib Shack in Pasadena a month ago...front row seats and.he was great...
Thanks Big Jay, you've given me many hours of musical pleasure...hope to see you again soon.

Theodore Braboy 04-01-17 07:12:33

Dear Bro. McNeeley,
Greetings, My name is Ted Braboy. I visited your congregation in the late 90's as a traveling Brother, It was nice to meet you at that time. I'm presently serving as a Special Pioneer in GA. My prayer is that you are doing well and that we both are continuing to strive to have the favor of our creator Jehovah. My wife and I were always encouraged when you supported our visits.
May Jehovah our God continue to "Bless and Keep you"'Philostorgos'
Ted Braboy

Alberto Moreira 22-10-16 02:32:47

After attending the show of this Master of saxophone in 1996-1997 at Latitude in Paris, I've never saw/listen/feel nothing similar. Wish I could attend another concert. Best wishes for your this year tour.God bless you.

Lil' Jenny 14-05-16 07:52:52

Just want to say thank you for everything you have given to this world. So many memories and so many far-out times. Im a younger fan I suppose. Im 35. Im still diggin' it all. My heart and hopes to you and yours. Stay well and never forget that you are loved and cherished. You gave us so much to hang on to sir. Bless. Peace. Love.

Sandi Reynolds Uva 15-04-16 21:53:17

Going through my Facebook feed today and there you were. I dont know if you even remember my dad, Jim Reynolds. We used to go to your house when I was a kids in the 60's. I know my parents would go to see you play. My dad had an office on 94th and Main St. In Los Angeles.
I have thought of you often over the years and how much fun we had listening to you. So nice to see you're still playing.
Sadly my parents have past away, but my dad always talked about you while he was spinning his tales. Haha My sister and I just wanted to say hey.

jerry vicars 01-11-15 15:19:50

Hey Guys,I live here in Japan and have plans to see Big Jay advertised to play in Tokyo at Club Quatro onNov.16 th, but your website says he's playing hereon Nov. 23rd. Which is it ? Also he's advertised on your website to be in Osaka on Nov. 18th. Could you bring us up to date on his schedule in Japan ? Thank you, Jerry

jerry vicars 30-10-15 17:41:44

Hey Jay,Jerry here. I'll be seeing you again on your trip to Japan.My son JJ and I saw you last time you were here and he sat in and sang a tune with you and the band.Don't know if you remember but I played guitar withyour band years ago back in L.A. at an after-hours jointfull of transvestites. There was a big fight and they were tearing off each others clothes and wigs. You yelled,"keep playing". So we did. Very funny night !Hope we can hang out a little like last time you were here.See you soon, take care, Jerry

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