Benny 20-09-15 02:15:30

Love to have you as a guest on our radio show here in San Diego, Please call me anytime (619) 739-1166 Also, were you on the sm erecord label as the late Bertha Tilman?

Francesc Josep 16-08-15 10:58:20

Rockinī& Swing regards from Catalonia
DeeJay EddieCesc

Tim Tuthill 11-05-15 04:55:10

Big J: We talked 3 years ago on the phone. I had been playing for 2 years. We talked about taking lessons at that time. I'm doing OK. I take lessons from Johnny Ferreria by Skype. It works real well. You my remember, I told you I was at Ciscos many time when you were playing there in the early 60'S . Too much fun. Hope your well and doing good! Your sched looks like your still at it!! Great! Would love to see you when you play in the LA area. The best to you. Tim

ray lowy 08-03-15 18:28:34

I was watching black history week in la saw big jay was playing at the dunbar hotel is he still there saw him at the lyric theature in huntington park in 1953 i was 16 best concert to this day

Tookum 05-03-15 00:02:46

Hi!! It fills me with joy to see you still playing!! Age is just a number and you are an idol for still entertaining many people with your funky sax and music style. You are so great and will be forever known for your many years of making great tunes for people to enjoy!!

James and Sowkiog 15-11-14 11:09:13

Hi Big Jay,We saw you twice when you came to Melbourne, Australia, and you were fantastic, and we often talk about your great shows!Take care, look after yourself, and may God bless.James and Sowkiog.

Stage name was Josie Sylvain 21-09-14 10:43:45

For years now, I've been telling my children that yours was my favorite band. You never disappointed. My music was always perfect. Looking back, I think you are the reason I worked at the York Club so much. I don't know if you remember Eddy Moore, the bartender. Al Levy introduced me to him a few months before he came to work there. Eddy and I got married in November 1966. Eddy was the love of my life. He died of prostate cancer in 1998. I often wondered what happened to you after Al and Gene sold the club in 1966. I have been living in Arkansas for many years now and I'm sort of a recluse. My children are my life. Yesterday, you were on my mind a lot so I googled your name and was amazed that you are still performing. I looked at all the pictures and was really happy to see you smiling. I don't remember ever seeing you smile at the York Club. The music was always great and you made my job a lot easier but I always felt like you really belonged in a better place. This morning, I downloaded some of your music and listened to it with my children. It's hard to believe that 48 years have gone by since I heard you play. The beat was different of course but the music is still great. I hope you are well but most of all, I hope you are happy. Pierrette Moore, formerly known as Josie Sylvain.

denise erickson 30-08-14 18:56:55

Excited to see you play today at the Ventura, CA car show at the fair grounds. 70 years ago when my Dad was just 7, he saw you play at his school auditorium in Fresno; and never forgot your performance! Over the years whenever anyone talks about jazz, my Dad re-tells the story of seeing you perform. After reading the newspaper this morning, my Mom said to Dad "Here's a guy who I saw play when I was 10, he's going to be at the car show" Apparently, in all their 58 years together; my Dad had never told my Mom the Big Jay story!! Small world, indeed!So, all three of us are going to see you play today; my folks to see a bit of their childhoods and me to see their faces light up

Robert Brumit 17-10-13 04:52:30

Hello Big Jay,
I am an avid saxophone player. Just starting out. Love the blues. I'm just a young cat starting out. I was searching for some saxophone blues when I stumbled on your music. I was amazed by your style of playing. I couldn't get enough of hearing your sound and music. Man, I love it. You are awesome! I hope when I get better at playing the saxophone that I can mimic your style of playing. Hey, Big Jay. If you are ever in St.Louis I would Love to get an autograph on my saxophone by you. Take care. Keep jammin man. You are one terrific Player.

Laurel 27-08-13 06:39:11

Big Jay - You are the BEST! My best friend and I followed you all around Orange County in the late '80's. We were college students in Northern California and couldn't stand being under our parents' watchful eye when we were home on break ... so we escaped to hear some cool tunes by you. We loved Pretty Girls, the Big Jay Shuffle, and Chantilly Lace. We lost track of you during the 90s, but in a stroke of luck and serendipity my best friend found you performing at the Hip Kitty in Claremont last Saturday night. What an epic night we had! It was so great to see you, talk to you, and again enjoy your music. You haven't changed a bit and entertained us so that two days later we are still grinning and remembering the fun we had. Thank you, Big Jay!

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