D.J.P. Marks 05-08-13 16:01:04

Just want to say hi from here in Osaka. Last year's show at the Club Quattro was just amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again this November, gonna tell all my friends too!

Barb Elliott 24-06-13 08:47:57

The first time I saw You was back in 1979 at Pepe's and then at Salvatore's in Fullerton,Ca. My husband and I saw "The Battle of The Bands" with You, Joe Huston and many others. It was a fantastic gig. Have all of the old LP's You made. Would love to see another show....ever come to Vegas? Thank You for the years of great music! Barb

Jim Elliott 24-06-13 08:44:04

I remember seeing You at "The Light House" in So. Calif. A friend asked if he could sit in and You let him play along on the drums for 4 songs. Later I saw You at Pepe's & also Salvatore's in So. Calif. The day of "The Battle of The Bands" with You, Joe Huston, and Chuck Higgins was awesome. We loved when You played Honky Tonk and walked around to each table and even outside. Saw You at Catalina Island too. One time You were at another gig and Richard Berry played in Your place. I got to meet him that night and it was an honor. Also saw him at The Century Room in Los Angeles Years and years ago. I now live in Las Vegas and I sure wish You did shows here, I will always be a fan. Jim

Nick 20-06-13 05:21:56

Big JayIn 1953, I was four years old when I heard my older brothers and their buddies blow some rock and some blues at our house. And one of my favorite numbers was Pachuco Hop which they told me you did. Sure would like to hear it again!

Jim Gilligan 07-05-13 19:32:36

Hey Big Jay!!! Sure miss ya here on Catalina Island.Remember you back in 70s,I was just a teenager..Still have memories of you playing your SAX like the pied pipper on Cresent.You had the town boogying with you..I used to cook at Gullens and bounced at the Chi Chi Club...Hope all is well...thanks for the smiles and the Happy memories...your friend on Catalina,Gilligan

Happy Eared Fred 06-05-13 02:53:23

Big Jay - You are WAAAAY OUT - My kinda Jams - LOVE Bullfrog Hop, Love Deacon's Hop - MORE, MORE, MORE !Yeah Dawg - Dat's da stuff !Been diggin' sax since I was in foot-jammies - SO GLAD to have "discovered" you - YES !STAY COOL DADDIO !H.E.F.

richard hurych 02-03-13 07:53:33

Great to see you are still out on tour. First saw a very memorable appearance at an indoor concert in Stockton in 1954 and another at the Garden Stage on the MJF grounds in '96. Both just like yesterday. Thanks.

Jeff Rudisill 28-02-13 04:07:59

Been a fan since I heard your version of (There is) Something On Your Mind (better than Ivory Joe's) - hooked me. This was working in a Mom-n-Pop record store in SE PA.
Is you playin' in the LA area soon? Seeing you performing is on my bucket list.
Jeff Rudisill

Denzil 09-12-12 22:45:21

Big Jay played in Melbourne, Australia, this past weekend.Saw him yesterday at the Williamstown RSL Club - still 'blowin' his brains out' - what a concert!!Thanks Big Jay!

Dawn Flude Roberts 09-12-12 10:30:27

Just witnessed and participated ( I came up and sat on your knee whilst you sang & played) in your amazing gig at Williamstown RSL in Melbourne. You certainly rock!Loved it!XX

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