Claudia + Peter 23-08-12 12:35:15

Hey Big Jay

when do you come to Switzerland again? We remember your concerts at Iffwil Kuhstall and longing for you.
We would like to see you soon.
With best wishes an very loving greetings
Claudia und Peter

Daphne Apostle 17-08-12 09:03:57

Hello, Big Jay,Saw you at the Viva Cantina tonight. (I came up on stage and my friend took a picture of you and me, then I bought one of your cd's, with "There is Something on your Mind" on it. It made me feel younger seeing that you are 85 and still rockin'! (I'm 65) Saw you about 25 years ago at some theatre in L.A. and you walked around the audience blowing your sax. I believe Mickey Champion sang there, too. (My memory for details is shot!)Just wanted to say that you are still amazing and I will be bringing folks to see you if I am able (I am battling cancer). I believe you, too, are Christian, and ask that you pray for me....with God's help I might make it to 85 also.Bless you and keep on honking! Hope to see you again soon!Daphne

Michael Cano 15-05-12 19:33:18

Hello Jay,
It's Michael Cano, formerly of Bug Music. How are you, my friend? I really miss spending time with you and hearing your amazing stories, and I would really like to see you again soon. Also, I truly want you to meet my wife, Patsy Faragher, we both have a deep and abiding admiration for your music. Hoping to talk to you soon, Jay. Take the best of care.
Michael Cano

Ron A. 02-05-12 17:08:41

Thank you for a great night of music & gab at the Grammy Museum with Art Laboe & Little Willie G. Hope to see you soon!

Bernd Reufsteck 27-04-12 17:27:00

Hello Big Jay,

wish you a happy birthday, best health and allways your wishes will be fullfilled

Greetings from germany


Rich 11-03-12 03:39:31

Big Jay, I have been a big fan of yours since the early fifties. You played in the Monrovia Armory the first time I saw you and you are the first name to come into my mind when I think back to those times of my teen years. Thank you for the wonderful memories of my youth. I will call you again soon.

Johnny 06-03-12 23:30:59

Hi big Jay iam a young sax player and a huge fan of your playing!! Just wanted to let you know I love what you do!! Hope you can add a UK date to your 2012 tour!!

Sara M. Bande 03-03-12 13:02:51

thx for a wonderful evening in Witten - Germany

Shakey 02-03-12 13:30:12

Amazing show yesterday at Hapa Haole. Thank U so much...

Franz 19-02-12 22:16:42

Thank you for the great concert at the Metropol, Vienna!

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