Aldert Keessen 23-03-09 22:13:09

Hi mr.McNeely,
I want to thank you for a magic night and the busload of positive energy you gave us performing in Aalsmeer.Hope to see you soon back in Holland. God bless you, Aldert

leo en ineke 23-03-09 11:54:39

Hello Big Jay,
Last sunday In the Unie in Rotterdam we enjoyed your playing and performance.
The Martijn Schok Boogie and Blues band and Rinus Groeneveld were also very good.
We are looking forward to your new Cd with those musiciens.

Bart Lem 23-03-09 10:24:51

What an evening in Maloe Melo last saturday! Great backingband and Big Jay is just an amazing performer.
This is what true R&R is about. Making your public leave a little bit happier then they were before.
We made some pictures of the show, if you are interested please mail me.
Keep on Rockin', Bart.

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