Visstick 10-03-06 00:09:42

dude have some beers cya soon on msn or utopia greetz the stick

BlackSpark 25-02-06 01:12:01

Nice to see you here Zeo! 19

Zeo 25-02-06 00:59:57

I signed it

BlackSpark 23-01-06 12:18:14

Well, I'll open up a forum in a short while, to improve communication regarding this site and it projects. Meanwhile you can reach me at ;-)

shelby 23-01-06 07:39:14

i am on gu forum me whitecloud!
And i wanna be part this site can u let me in like ill be a Monkey animation maker please

AR33w4™creations 10-12-05 23:40:05

great site but mine's better. lolz. thanx for helping me buidling my site. check out my page as well: me's got the pics finally uploaded!
cya2morrow @ my place

rmedtx 08-12-05 16:51:45

This is a really cool site. Keep up the good work.

BlackSpark69 07-12-05 01:50:37

Thnx Seeth, means a lot coming from an oldbie like you :)

cya round ;)

Seether 07-12-05 01:49:15

Nice site design BS, reminds me of the old GU. Cool stuff.

BlackSpark 06-12-05 15:51:52

TY :)

Well, the main update is done, more to come in the near future ;) ;)

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