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 Paul Spauwen 19-06-12 10:26:57

Instead of focusing on some thoughts and feelings and pushing away others, just look at them as feathers flying in the wind. The wind is your awareness, your inborn openness and clarity.

by Tricycle

 Paul Spauwen 27-04-12 10:15:23

An Investigation of the Mind

We really must verify for ourselves that whatever thought comes into our mind has never acquired any true existence: thoughts are never born, they never dwell as something truly existing, and they have nowhere to go when they disappear from our mind.
Tricycle Daily Dharma April 27, 2012

 Paul Spauwen 24-03-12 10:17:26

The View From AboveThings simply happen—we do our rituals, we travel about, we bear children, live among them, and die. We can’t change these facts, but if we cultivate awareness that everyone, everywhere has similar experiences of life and death, it can take the urgency out of our responses, opening a space for equanimity to arise.

 Paul Spauwen 20-03-12 09:48:37

Practicing With LossLoss is a fact of life. Impermanence is everywhere we look. We are all going to suffer our losses. How we deal with these losses is what makes all the difference. For it is not what happens to us that determines our character, our experience, our karma, and our destiny, but how we relate to what happens.

 Paul Spauwen 19-03-12 22:02:44

A smalltalk page in front of the homepage added.

This page is for some claptrap in the moment.

 Paul Spauwen 09-12-11 15:59:40

"Laat een reeks van gelukkige gedachten door je geest gaan; ze zullen zich tonen op je gezicht"

~Norman Vincent Peale

 Paul Spauwen 01-02-11 12:25:27

"Mensen zullen vergeten wat je hebt gezegd,
mensen zullen vergeten wat je hebt gedaan,
maar mensen zullen nooit vergeten wat voor gevoel je ze gaf"
~Maya Angelou on 1 feb 2011 c Quote of the day

 Paul Spauwen 01-10-10 23:13:13

2003 C.E model Last one engine no. 165881 26th Nov 03 - 461 made (post Fire)?????
I was thinking thte year is 2002!!!
My Centennial Bonneville is from okober 2002, so a post fire motor, but not the last number in the series.

 Gini 04-08-10 21:34:02

Paul nice places, nice and free with your motorbike tour through the beautiful countryside, do not know if you're already on your vacation, but as the photo, s to see and read on your log you fully enjoyed

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