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ik heb ten zeerste goenten an dit intieme museum, dit moet breed gesteund wordendoor inwoners van Onstwedde en omliggende plaatsen en eventuele sponsorenom dit zolang mogelijk in stand te houden, verder aan Klaas en andere vrijwilligerseen gezond en zegenrijk 2012 gewenst.Ga zo door, Ingrid.

apostolic pleasure site 21-09-11 01:13:59

9-20-2011-she said, you mom, its hollie said, wearing, its white clothes, buts theres Gods new hammer, he diappeared to quick, said, its Jesus hollie did say, christian, God said, thats woman giving, its money, theres checks, and its money showing, up, at bobs church claps hollie, but its only hands seen but rest appeared like mostly white hollie, thats its pope rising, out of, its sea, claps same hollie, white hands, bob thats many looking at, its your offer, read all about, extra extra hollie said, as newspaper spun out, i'm the beast, pope, said, God said, with seven heads and ten horns, its pope, let me see, hollie said,

Jesus tries to destroy you aft 16-03-11 20:06:51

http://bobhickman.weebly.com/the-pentecostal-child-page.html JEsus spoke and does this, I saw visions of Jesus and ministering spirits and they told: 3-16-2011-bob, said, it, hollie, she said, its, for, I persecute, said, it Jesus, hollie said, I ruin face, tighten mucles, when moving, wrinkling and stretching, maim, appearance, and, walking ability, caress penus with electricy, causing it erect, God said, and, give dreams, where I, make person feel pain, and make them have a stroke, thats me laughing, letting him see it, God said, hollie said, we are, the ministering spirits, hollie said, God spoke, hollie said, this, she said, all day and night, its, for I terrorise, God, spoke, did say, hollie said, put it under, she said, showed, go, thats, hollie leaving, its, she said, library, wearing, uh, its red plad coat, buts Gods hammer hollie appears, like, lets see, theres blue in, hollie did convey, wearing, uh, another, said, God spoke, red plad coat, and God hammer like, its round head, hollie did speak, she said, God spoke,

pentecostal apostolic praise 16-03-11 19:23:56

http://www.prophetiic.beep.com , http://www.ministryofdreams.freeservers.com , http://www.ministryofdreams.0catch.com , http://www.worldprophecycenter.jimdo.com , http://www.youtube.com/utubiaman , no, said, hollie, I showed, i'm away, thru, she said, but, shook, yes, boo chanted, said, him, uh she hollie did say, many he hollies, she showed, tear up, she, did convey, but was to the side, thats, her, putting back, but, body disappeared, but was, there, put back, showed, with bear hands, arms, this is, uh, warning, hollie spoke, did convey, another, said, thats, hollie, tap dancing, thats the, Ministry of dreams, book appearing with angel coming out, hollie and God said, I'm the book, angel showed, its me, he said, God said, but, hollie said, angels face somewhat silhouette, i'm the book said angle showed, book, but kept changing, hollie showed, turn, but which way, she, spoke, bob, said, it, hollie, dont go, she, said, showed, its to church anymore, its, hollie looked at Jesus for word, lost, cut off, she, said,