R 14-09-19 06:18:47

Stardate 2019091600000

Aphex twins
S.U.N. Project

R 26-08-19 17:30:49

Stardate 20190826172935

I'm okay ..

R 17-08-19 03:41:25

Stardate 201908170341
The research is progressing slowly,
but every now and then you think you've
lost your way when you talk about a
party on the moon.

Then know that you are following your own path,
and if this 'full moon vibes music festival' make
you happy, it is something that belongs to you.
You don't have to convince others of anything.
Testify by showing who you are and how you
stand in life.

The resistance of another is often deep-rooted fear.
And know, because you stand for something,
you make someone else think.
The light will always seep in somewhere.

R 16-08-19 13:45:53

Stardate 198908161400

CBRA BASIC version 1.0
Copyright 1983 by microsoft
28816 YottaBytes free
10 REM
20 Color 2
30 PRINT "We proudly present you Pink Floyd"

T'ni 16-08-19 13:22:09

Stardate 201908151503
I have noticed many of you have really not dedicated to your daily practice time with our Telepathy 101 Primer.

We recommend this so that you begin to get your brain used to sustaining longer conversations.

How interested are you in a visit?

This how you show us.

Wim van Driel 16-08-19 13:20:30

Stardate 201908151431
Hi! Dear people, we at Cbra Systems and our partners wish everyone a happy 'Full Moon Thursday'. Cheers and celebrate it differently with friends.

Nevertheless, seen from the moon it is not so bad ..

R 16-08-19 13:15:14

Stardate 201908151422
Q&R Live with Ruben G @
No questions? I ask the questions here!

Index Page

R 16-08-19 13:10:06

Stardate 201908151408
The sun has now exposed almost 1 side of the moon for another 28 minutes then no more light can be added .. The mains is supplied by the installed solar panels and Philippe (web designer) is having a great time. Wim is putting the last dots on the i. It will be alright and it's alright!
Well that kovvie definitely has to come ..
Everyone can grab milk & sugar themselves, right?

R 16-08-19 13:06:16

Stardate 201908151354
He proposes to make it a day off, a public holiday on the calendar, "Full Moon Thursday." In addition to Christmas and New Year's Day, we can then enjoy the full moon. The full moon is visible after every 29.5 days and at least 14 times a year.

R 16-08-19 13:02:01

Stardate 201908151332
The Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano acted as a DJ from the international space station ISS. His work could be heard aboard a cruise ship off the Spanish island of Ibiza, reports the European space agency ESA.

Parmitano played in front of an audience of around three thousand people. He seems to have assured himself of a place in music history. It was the first time a DJ had performed from the ISS or from space, the space agency said in a statement.

The spaceman was helped by his German mentor, DJ Le Shuuk. He would have explained to the Italian how to mix tracks. "Le Shuuk made a personal playlist that Luca could take to the station and made specialized DJ software available. It was put on the astronaut tablets in space."

According to ESA, the performance of the astronaut also had an educational touch. Parmitano is said to have talked to his audience from space about his mission.

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