Nóra 14-03-07 13:36:16

Just had to drop you a line or two, to ask how's life in Netherlands, because yesterday I got a hold of this dvd that Bianca flimed last summer at Castlefest during our gig... A horror movie, if I ever saw one It was so lovely to see familiar faces in the scarce but even more enthusiastic audience!

Hope you're well,


Nóra (of Kelpia

Hello Noora!

I just saw the dvd myself, I really enjoyed it!

Hope everything in Finland is well!

Greenthings Wim-Jaap

Zadya 10-03-07 18:58:26

Greetings 2 Dutchcelt, Paula and all of u!

Graag zou ik wat meer te weten willen komen van wat er van een eventueel nieuw lid verwacht wordt. Wat moet je kunnen en weten?


Hoi Renske,

Mail even naar het contact mail adres, dan kan ik je daar op antwoorden.

Groet Wim-Jaap/ dutchcelt

ps. het is Paulien

anonymous 01-03-07 16:57:26

Haha well I'm very sorry but I'm an English student and my teacher said that so he's wrong? He teaches culture of Great Britain...

Ask him what time he's talking about... I think he is refering to past 1782 Scotland... if not:
tell him to go back to the books and look it up... he's wrong... for our period (1745-1746)!

Greenthings Wim-Jaap

Das Hexenbad e.V. 28-02-07 16:11:45

Seyd gegrüßet Clan Mac Bran!

Eure Seiten gefallen mir sehr gut, aber bevor ich weiter ziehe, will ich Euch noch viele Grüße von den Inquisitoren und Hexen des Hexenbades ausrichten.

Lass das Wasser nicht empfangen den Körper dessen der, vom Gewicht des Guten befreit durch den Wind der Ungerechtigkeit empor getragen wird.

„ex animo scurrills!“

Gehabt Euch wohl
Reiner – Hofmaler vom Hexenbad

Angelique 25-02-07 09:14:21

Wanneer zien we jullie weer eens een keer? Het is al veelste lang geweest
Zijn sommigen van jullie toevallig ook vandaag bij de Fantasy/Gothic beurs in Rijswijk?

Groetjes Angelique (+familie)

Hey Angelique (+ Familie),

Op de website staat de agenda, zoek een leuk evenement uit en kom gezellig langs!
Voor Dom zal ik het hout klaarleggen en een bijl

Groet Wim-Jaap

Anonymous 18-02-07 10:39:12

So you're from the same clan? Then you'd better wear the same kilts too. Now you're five clans in one.


at least get yer facts straight, we don't wear kilts, we wear belted plaids.
Next thing yer wrong at: clan Tartan is introduced after removing the ban on scottish dress in 1782 (act of proscription of the highland Garb, 36 years after the ban was set, after culloden 1746).
Before the ban, people wore whatever was available.
There are descriptions of persons wearing hoses of one pattern, belted plaid of another, waistcoat of again another and a jacket of again another pattern, so a person could wear 4 or even 5 different patterns.
If you get a new plaid from yer landlord, you don't get picky and say, that's not the right color, you just accept it and wear it instead of yer old worn out, patched over plaid.

So vefore you start anything, grab yerself some books, do some research and then open yer mouth.

And be a man ( or woman) and put yer name down the box in stead of anonymous linedropping.

Greenthings Wim-Jaap

Skuld 15-02-07 16:00:31

Nou hoor Wim Jaap,
Ik vind het net echte zondagse schoenen,
Ik hoop je gauw weer eens te zien, wellicht
in Tjuchem.
knuffel, Rineke

Skuld 11-02-07 16:50:07

oh, wat een mooie waistcoat
en wat een mooie luxe schoenen
met gespen
de zondagse MacBran.
groeten en tot snel

Hey Skuld,

Die buckle shoes zijn redelijk common, dus echt zondags is het niet.

Tot Gauw!

Knuff Wim-Jaap

Emmi, Kelpia 22-01-07 16:53:21

Hmmm. If you can like read my messages from the last one to this one? Then it would have some logic, maybe..

And yes, Voor jullie ook het beste voor 2007!


Hugs Wim-Jaap

Emmi, Kelpia 22-01-07 16:50:35

And Konrad, we shall continue the discussion about religions, good and bad, life and death etc. next year, right? Before that I will gather my thoughts in Poland, Warsaw, where I´m going for five months.

And then there was the lovely woman, from who I learned something really essential about meaning of life...Mmh half a year is a long time and I keep forgetting names, but never the people behind the names.

*phew* I did it! And before Castlefest 2007! I can also proudly announce that I have finally developed and scanned the pictures I took. The quality is quite poor but..well go and see: www.flickr.com, user: koomainen

Alright folks, that´s all by now! I´m just waiting to go to dance soon -you might have heard, that two of the Kelpia-ladies, Noora&Vesna have been teaching irish&historical dances here in our city? I´m still as clumsy as a cow in ballet, but we´ll se how it goes in the next Castlefest.

Warm greetings from cold Finland, don´t forget us!


Hi Emmi!

Thanks for sharing your pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/18073440@N00">(http://www.flickr.com/photos/18073440@N00 / )
I really enjoyed your stay at our encampment!

I'm curious about your dancing, I know Vesna and Noora are teaching them and know they are good at it too!

Have lots of fun in Warsaw!

Hugs Wim-Jaap

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