Coopwarriors 13-08-21 17:25:45

HI Clint okay how do you think about this if I first set the boss in camp to no kill .and later in the building where he is then you can kill him

Coopwarriors 10-08-21 12:12:52

Hi clint that's right this was captured by us.but the going to free him when they come to our camp .you see him disappear when they come

Clint 09-08-21 17:14:26

Thanks for adjusting "the Hunt" but when hosting the map on novaworld , the general is at the depot (camp) on the start of the map .

Coopwarriors 26-06-21 22:40:36

Hi clint I will take a closer look but promise nothing was already difficult to get this map ready

clint 26-06-21 22:19:43

whom ever made the map "The Hunt" please remove the fog and reissue . The map is extremly hard and during game play on my server , all it did was run off many players and it took hours to finish. The map in my opinion is hard enough and the fog is not needed . Please rethink that option !!!

 coopwarriors 15-01-13 20:07:51

hi thanks for the help.but i have it work for med now. TXT2BIN and i will try it with nile end this week

greeting fred

 KR-Nevada 15-01-13 18:50:04


Downloads, Seite 2.
TXT2BIN (Anleitung ist dabei)
NLH 6.2.2 (Systemzeit muss auf 2007 gesetzt werden)

Nur registrieren musst du dich.

Gruß von Daggi und Bernd (KR-Nevada) 25-12-10 12:27:08

hi SixPack thanks for the info

SixPack 25-12-10 05:44:23

Hi Fred

Some one named Zaphod has replied to old lw maps on the Sabre Corps forrum.

You may want to check it out.

Thanks for all the great maps. 23-10-10 13:16:49

hoi Tschack ja wel een beetje stil maar dat komt om dat nova deze week er uit licht lol

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