MonAcarne 17-04-18 12:44:08

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Henrybruib 16-03-18 13:10:31


Betty en Stephan 03-09-17 16:10:20

Op het moment dat wij dit schrijven zitten wij op de Markt in Wijchen te genieten van jullie muziek! Top!

Graham Bennett 03-07-17 20:51:43

Thank you for a little light relief in a depressing world - Keep it up

Zocher 21-04-17 17:44:11

I have no bycicle and money. People should not ruin and steal bycicle thing, food, drinking (water)

Roland 13-04-17 10:02:57

ihr macht eine super gute Musik
Viele Grüße

Fadir 02-11-16 16:19:16

People should not talk so much

uwe rausch 24-12-13 09:17:15

Ich habe euch über youtube gefunden und bin begeistert.
mir gefällt es sehr gut eure musik.

schönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten rutsch ins nächste Jahr.

Alastair Macdougall 25-07-13 00:13:57

Message for Bert.
Hi Bert, we have emailed several times before, I don't know if you remember me but I am still a big fan of the Crackerjacks.
I know that you are now with the Chris Barber band and that you will be performing at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival. I would love to be there but sadly I am not able to attend. However, my brother Calum has tickets for your performance and I have asked him to say hello to you on my behalf. I hope that he will and that you might pass your regards to me through him. Wishing you and the band the very best of good fortune for the festival performances.
Very best wishes,

Johan van Leer 22-02-13 20:09:23

Mogenlijke toevoeging aan het repertoire:"LULU's BACK IN TOWN" en "HOW I WISH I WAS IN PEORIA".
Met beste wensen uit zonnig zuid California
Johan van Leer,

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