Chuck O'Leary 01-09-17 02:13:20

Dear Olav,
I finally met Burt Reynolds on August 11 and 12 of 2017 when he came to a Comic Con here in Pittsburgh. I talked to him for a couple minutes and he was incredibly nice. He autographed both of his autobiographies for me and I had a picture taken with him. Contact me at this email address if you want and I'll send you the pic of Burt and me -- Chuck

Jennifer Collins and Burt's Bl 30-01-15 19:28:15

Burt and I are from a little town called Westminster SC. Very close to where you filmed Elbow Grease. We were asked to be stand in's at the carnival where you had them filming. We We are really aanxious to see this movie to see if we made it. Looking forward to it. By the way... You are the greatest!

 Terry Crane 10-08-14 07:43:13

I lived in West Palm Beach and went to school in the early 50 s.I remember his father Chief Reynolds,and Burt Reynolds or Buddy as he was known.They were good times.Burt is a great actor and legend.Terry

John Lombard 11-10-13 03:56:41

Great Site! I remember "Smokey and The Bandit" was the only thing that really cheered me up after Elvis died that summer. Several years before, I saw "W.W. and The Dixie Dancekings", that's when I started singing The Elvis Tunes with local area bands. Long before the impersonators you see everywhere today. Stay well Burt, we love ya!John,Milwaukee,WI

vickie strickland 22-07-13 00:40:21

Dear Mr. Reynolds,
It's been a pleasure watching you all these years, I would have not made thru high school if not for you. I dated a young foot ball player named Ricky Kirk who drove a Tran Am like yours. I went to Sprayberry High in Marietta, Ga. Your the best! Hope your doing well and how would one send you a good will or get well card? you made school pretty fun full of love and laughs. lol. check out Denny Strickland Smoke song on internet it reminds me of you.
Sincerely yours,
Vickie Strickland of Strickland Quarter Horses

Frank 03-04-13 21:37:24

Dear Mr. Reynolds,
i am just watching "semi-tough" (again) - one of my favorite films.
Thanks a lot for all the good time, watching your films.
You make the people smile!
best regards,

 Matt Moss 18-09-12 22:54:55

Beautiful site! Class act. For my loving Burt tribute please see

Alec Storm 10-02-12 21:57:20

Hello! Big thanks for this fansite! Burt Reynolds one of the greatest action star!!! Hi is the BEST, and allways be the Best!

LorencoBem 07-12-10 11:54:50

Is it possible to contact administration?
By the way, anybody home?!

 Action Burt 21-11-10 17:45:36

Hi there, I love your site...your doing a great job and Burt would be proud of it.
I have been a big fan of Burt all my life and even based my business on him.
Please fee free you join my Action Burt forum
See you soon.

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