Johnny Wheeler 23-06-17 13:03:29

So sorry to hear No.31 will be the last Zabadak magazine, Ron. Thanks for all the great issues and many thanks for including 'Shirley and Johnny' & 'Cheep Boots' on occasion. Happy days ahead I hope.

Helmut 01-04-17 11:02:58

chade, dass Ihr die Seite löscht.

Josef Steiner 29-03-17 11:39:18


Paul 28-03-17 08:14:16

Schade, dass die letzte aktive DDDBMT Fanseite jetzt auch noch verschwindet. KLar ist, dass Ihr hier keine riesigen Besucherzahlen erwarten dürft, aber für die alten Fans ist es schon traurig. Und die ganze Arbeit, die Ihr über Jahre in die Seite gesteckt habt.
Ein trauriger Dave Dee Fan

John Atkinson 15-12-16 16:31:06


hans 20-10-16 11:49:04

hallo ich habe die gruppe live im starclub in hamburg gesehen es war eine grossartige zeit grüsse aus reinbek

Johnny Owens 08-10-16 23:53:52

Wow! What a quick change to the site! I'm proud of you for keeping this website so beautifully (and quickly) updated! It's now bookmarked as my number one source for info on my favorite group of the '60s! Thanks again.

Johnny Owens 08-10-16 19:24:16

Just a little correction (I'm always full of corrections): the "Time to Take Off" US tape cartridge shown is NOT an 8-track cartridge. It is the forerunner of the 8-track, known as a 4-track (notice the "4" on the spine of the tape) or Stereo-Pak cartridge. 4-track cartridges (article available at ) were available in the U. S. mostly during the 1960s (hence the time frame for that particular DDDBMT album) and ceasing production in 1970, sharing limited popularity along with reel-to-reel (also known as open-reel) tapes during that time period. (Of course, LPs and 45s were the predominant U. S. media throughout the pre-CD era.) Cassettes were also becoming popular in the late 1960s, with 8-tracks taking a lead in the U. S. in the 1970s, and cassettes gaining a larger U. S. market share in the 1980s before the widespread proliferation of the CD.

Nice to find this site--I'm known as a bit of a music guru amongst my friends and acquaintances, and whenever anybody asks me which group of the '60s I believe was the very best, or which best withstands the test of time, I ignore the Beatles and the Stones and unhesitatingly tell them, "Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich"!

Johnny, thanks for your entry. It is corrected on the website now. Nice to read DDDBM&T are also your favourites of the sixties.

@GreatRockLyrics 14-08-16 19:06:39

Love the site. We really need to get you guys on Twitter.

Helmut 25-05-16 15:58:04

did some uploads yesterday and today, maybe someone will like 'em

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