Tobias Claren 09-04-20 21:45:08

If it's not a trick, go out on the streets and have university windows broken in front of a camera. Sounds funny, but I'm serious. Provoke reactions from scientists.Science does not respond to passive requests and begs for recognition:
I want a YouTube channel where all viewers try to influence an object or a person together. Tens, hundreds, thousands ... people together.E.g. trying to influence the news anchor of the biggest evening news together via remote influencing.Or the country's head of government.The first try could be a real random number generator.Roger Nelson from Princeton University recommends this random number generator: still use it in the Global Consciousness Project.I'm not crazy if I think that's possible.Princeton University's PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) conducted such trials from 1979 to 2007. With the conclusion that paranormal phenomena are sufficiently documented and that science must now accept them. The successor to the "PEAR" is the "ICRL".As you can see, the ICRL logo refers to the PEAR. Three pears on a tree.

Btw., did you know that Uri Geller doesn't do tricks?Proof: University Experiment Video: scientist from the Max Plank Institute tested Uri Geller and is also convinced of the reality of his abilities.

Tobias Claren 09-04-20 21:40:22

Hello.Was the "trick" on ZDF in "Na Siehste" a "magic trick"?:'t ZDF provide all the props? Was the table, the glass dome etc. from ZDF?Do you know the story of Nina Kulagina?Real psychokinesis proven by scientists.No invisible threads, no gusts of wind etc.Their brain activity and brain wave intensity (electrical voltage ...) increased in a way that could not be simulated. Her pulse is said to be over 200.This cannot be simulated.You can find old videos of their skills on YouTube.So I ask you, is it a "trick". Or is it real psychokinesis?I am not a naive maniac if I consider such phenomena to be real based on scientific facts.No such visible psychokinesis, but real micro-psychokinesis on a random number generator is reproducibly proven.Unfortunately I do not have an English video, but French with German subtitles: it is real psychokinesis, contact the ICRL:

Alexis Parmentier 06-02-19 13:29:51

een fantastische goochelaar en een al even fantastische, unieke man privé gezien. Een persoon die een blijvende en aangename indruk nalaat bij jong en 'oud'.Beter kan ik het niet formuleren

taghon marleen 18-10-11 10:17:54

great hardy is THE BEST

Heinz 18-05-11 16:12:09

Hardy, ich war auf dein Auftrit in Andorra und es war fantastisch!

Hardy-fan! 18-05-11 16:07:59

VETTE SITE ! Hardy is super !

Josken 18-05-11 16:06:50

Waaaaauuuuuw, wat een mooie website

Vectra 18-05-11 16:05:34

Your are amazing !


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