im pat 29-01-12 10:42:13

hi im in the market to buy 1969 charger r/t 440magnum the red one in picture that steve owns is just what ineed will he sell and how much.

Sammy 14-01-10 11:52:49

Let met introduce myself : I am Sammy from all the way overhere in Belgium...
I've been a big fan of classics/muscles for since I was a kid, but overhere in Belgium, there aren't any to find spare parts...
Even if I could find me a Charger (my favourite) overhere, I would never find any spare parts.
Is it that easy to find spare parts overthere, and am I just living in the wrong part of th world?

Best regards from snowy Belgium,


Ed 29-12-09 12:14:43

It's great to see a listing of all the movies that have contained MOPARS in them. I didn't see the first Punisher movie listed, it to had a Roadrunner that he drove in the end.

RAY SALAZAR 07-09-09 06:55:41

I enjoy your website and ALL of the info and videos. Thanks for making relove "MOPAR". I loved MOPAR when I was a kid and I am so HAPPY to see you are BACK! Iam a Corvette Guy but I also LOVE and RESPECT the MOPAR, for what it is and what it will do!!!!

Frank Boer 17-07-09 19:32:04

Vette Charger.
American muscle in Nederland.... thx.

Larry 11-05-09 10:26:56

site I am working on a links page and would like to add you would that be ok?

Evilluv 16-01-09 20:01:08

Another movie w/ a Mopar is : Children of the Corn 666 : The Return of Isaac. 1967 GTX convertible

Fun site!!!

r.k.d 30-11-08 18:19:17

begin al echt mopar fan te worden.
srt10 is bruut
groetjes ron

JEFF WILDMAN 22-11-08 05:04:28

Nice Website!
I have a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T SE that I've had since I was 18 years old in 1980. I am just starting to restore it now. All numbers match. I've never taken it down the track, but it goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.7 seconds. It has a 440 Magnum engine and an Automatic Transmission. It's Bronze with a Cream Vinyl Roof.

Ken Anderson 21-10-08 07:14:25

Love your site. Just a crazy mopar guy. Looking right now to buy my dream Dart. Thanks Ken Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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