Russ 20-06-16 10:08:43

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Blade charger on your site. I own the last two surviving Blade Chargers. One was the hero car and the other is a stunt car. It has a fuel cell in the trunk and the frame has been box. Both cars have 440's. The hero car originally came with a 318. The stunt car came with a 383 originally. They are both drivers. Being film cars they are not perfect. Car wranglers have a saying, don't get sentimental its just a rental! What I can tell you they are in better condition than the charger that was driven out of the semi trailer in the movie. That one bent in half when it hit the ground.

Bob Prowse 07-06-15 17:28:38

Beautiful Charger you have, you should be very proud and Thank You for sharing !

Anna 19-05-14 19:50:34


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SlotsnStuff 31-07-13 12:50:54

You're missing one of the most famous Dodge Chargers on your movie list... from the Dukes of Hazzard... The General Lee.. Andrew

Mike 10-05-12 16:31:35


wij houden 25 aug as de Riverside Party USA dag in Kampen, mocht je belang hebben om je amerikaanse auto(s) te showen zou dat mooi zijn! Wij hopen op zoveel mogelijk US rides..........

Grtn Mike

Ron 27-04-12 00:26:30

Nice site, glad I found it. Thinking of selling my 69 charger but got to build up the nerve to do it. At 65 I don't get to drive it as much as I should. I would be so picky as to who got it lol. Oh well I will just enjoy your site for now.

Brad 15-02-12 19:32:14

What is your email as I have a couple of chargers complete as well as parts. Great web site!!!

im pat 29-01-12 10:42:13

hi im in the market to buy 1969 charger r/t 440magnum the red one in picture that steve owns is just what ineed will he sell and how much.

Sammy 14-01-10 11:52:49

Let met introduce myself : I am Sammy from all the way overhere in Belgium...
I've been a big fan of classics/muscles for since I was a kid, but overhere in Belgium, there aren't any to find spare parts...
Even if I could find me a Charger (my favourite) overhere, I would never find any spare parts.
Is it that easy to find spare parts overthere, and am I just living in the wrong part of th world?

Best regards from snowy Belgium,


Ed 29-12-09 12:14:43

It's great to see a listing of all the movies that have contained MOPARS in them. I didn't see the first Punisher movie listed, it to had a Roadrunner that he drove in the end.

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