Peter Smit 27-05-18 11:18:34

In IO pages, het tijdschrift over progressieve muziek is ter ere van het jubileumnummer 150 een lijst gepubliceerd met de meest geliefde 150 albums aller tijden van Nederlandse progbands. De afgelopen weken konden de lezers hun favoriete album doorgeven.Het is goed om te zien dat het eerste album van Trace op nummer 9 eindigd. Toch wel heel trots op. Nog voor Atlantis van Earth & Fire en bijvoorbeeld See see the sun van Kayak.Het album Birds staat op nummer 82 en 00.04 van Ekseption op 94 en daar vlak achter op nummer 100 Beggar Julia's time trip van Ekseption.Geen gek resultaat, al had ik Trinity van Ekseption ook in de lijst verwacht.

Jean-Charles 04-05-18 12:21:35

Hello Inez and Toni,

I am a fan of Ekseption and especially of Rick. It is a huge loss for Music. To continue to honour him through his music it is a need and an important pleasure to play his music because of one or two books of his score music included his wonderful solos !

Tony 01-05-18 17:43:42

That's what i mean Bert , therefor we need this boxset - all albums nicely remastered in their original cover, a comprehensive 40 page booklet containing rare photo's etc. plus some extra space for one or more discs containing 'rarities' like a live recording from f.i. Akersloot. Most boxsets of the bands i mentioned include at least one disc containing 'rare' material. Besides that there seems to be a (big?) market for such boxset releases as most of them are completely -sold out- within a year!.

Bert Monster 24-04-18 16:51:14

Hi Tony,
A box of Ekseption is not necessary, but what should be very interesting are the LIVE performances of Ekseption; i know there are LIVE-performances of Ekseption81, in Akersloot and 't Zand with the members Max Werner,Bert Veldkamp& Johan Slager; i hope this will be put on cd or when not possible than on a "bootleg" like the many concerts of ELP who appeared on bootlegs on "Manticore"

Tony 23-04-18 18:11:26

Just wondering... Last few years have seen the release of quite a few 'boxsets' from famous Dutch bands like Golden Earring, Kayak, Earth & Fire, Shocking Blue, Sandy Coast, Livin' Blues, Outsiders containing their complete original output packed in the original lp-sleeve covers from back-in-the-days. .... Now why shouldn't this be possible for the Ekseption catalogue as well.?? Or is this maybe a too big 'copyright' thing towards the classic themes?..

Helmut Hans Peter Hasenjäger 31-03-18 21:29:39

My dear Inez and the whole Ekseption-World!Happy Eastern everybody, enjoy good food and drinks and Ekseptional Music! Have happy hours and be thankful for everything!Rick's and Ekseption-Music lives forever and ever! The Cover-Tracks in Youtube of Rick van der Linden and Ekseption played and arranged by excellent and high-classed keyboarders, pianists and organists, for example Jürgen Gieck, Marcel van Royen, Jan Stulp, Harry Völker, ............and so on and the eternal and unforgettable High-End-Music of Rick van der Linden! Thank you all! Happy Eastern! With Ekseptional Greetings from Helmut Hasenjäger!(Osterhasenjäger!)

Helmut Hans Peter Hasenjäger 30-01-18 16:53:11

Dear Inez!
Happy Birthday to you, all the best, joy, fun and enough power to reach all what you want!
With Ekseptional Greetings from your
Helmut Hasenjäger!

 Lorre 24-01-18 12:06:12

Alhoewel ik niet echt klassiek gericht ben , ik heb dat echter met ALLE stijlen , maak ik wel eens een ekseption Leuke muziek zondermeer , ben vooral fan van de ekseption-uitvoering van toccata & air Lorre

 Jack Langevelt 22-01-18 14:38:03

Vandaag herdenken we Rick en zijn fantastische muziek! Veel sterkte voor Inez en familie.

Today we remember Rick and all of his fantastic music!
Much strenght for Inez and family.

 Helmut Hans Peter Hasenjäger 22-01-18 11:47:19

Hello Inez and all Fans of Rick van der Linden, Ekseption, Trace, Cum laude and all contributions where Rick played as a temporary member!12.01.200612.01.201812 years without Rick van der Linden!!!!The body left us, but spirit and soul are here!I never forget all meetings with Rick and Ekseption in Germany and in the Netherlands!Rick's Music is my lifelong-music!The Golden Combination and Bridge between Classical Music and Modern Music!He was the only one who arranged it to the highest level!My dear Rick: Rest in Peace! We live in your Music!With Ekseptional Greetings from your Helmut Hasenjäger, Stuttgart!

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