inez van der linden 08-08-19 08:55:10

Thanks everybody for thinking about Rick i keep you posted otherwise look on my f book pictures from rick m with love Inez

 inez van der linden i 05-08-19 09:40:27

Hi Fans !This is the 5 of aug Ricks birthday and our weddingdayWe always will miss him and his music but it stays in our heat r.i.p ricky my love your inez/nikki

Helmut Hasenjäger 05-08-19 06:10:43

Hello Fans of Rick van der Linden and Ekseption!73 years! Today Rick van der Linden would be 73 years!Unforgettable Music and Compositions forever and ever! His Music is the eternal guide through our life! The best and excellent combination between Classical and Modern Music! One unique unit! Rest in piece with warmest greetings to his wife Inez van der Linden-Zwart! With Ekseptional Greetings from Helmut Hasenjäger!

Helmut Hasenjäger 19-04-19 21:30:56

Hello Inez and Ekseption-World! I wish you all Happy Eastern and many lovely moments in springtime mood in nature! Enjoy blue sky and warming sun! Fine food and drinks and Ekseptional Music! With Ekseptional Greetings from Helmut Hasenjäger, Stuttgart!

Rob Hebenaar 20-03-19 13:45:02

Wanneer komt er een complete recordings box van Ekseption uit? Van meerdere groepen is dat reeds gebeurd.

Helmut Hasenjäger 27-01-19 09:08:18

Hello Inez van der Linden-Zwart and all Fans of Rick van der Linden!January 22, 2019, it was the 13th anniversary of Rick's death! We never forget his Ekseptional Music and Compositions!He was a unique Keyboarder and Componist in the world. I never forget the meetings after concerts with Ekseption with Rick and all members in Stuttgart and Reutlingen and the meetings in the Netherland!I keep him in my mind, the Mastermind of Ekseption, Trace and Cum laude!
With Ekseptional Greetings from Helmut Hasenjäger, Stuttgart, Germany!

 inez van der linden 21-01-19 19:39:10

Tomorrow is it 13 year ago that our Rick died time goes fast , We never forget you always love you as your wife children and grandchildren, fam. friends and fans Your music stayes alive honey love Nikki/Inde

 Helmut Hans Peter Hasenjäger 21-12-18 12:28:33

Hello Inez, hello all Fans of Rick van der Linden and Ekseption!Happy Christmas for everybody and a happy New Year 2019 with enough space and time for the most important things in life!This year we found very interesting discoveries in Youtube concerning Rick van der Linden, Ekseption and Trace!Ever and ever there are treasures which someone will find with our music!I hope that we shall find more and more such treasures worldwide with Rick!Enjoy now the following high days and holidays with good food, drinks, high feelings, good mood and with excellent Rick-Music! With Christmas Greetings from Helmut Hasenjäger, Stuttgart!

 inez van der linden 19-12-18 18:40:45

Hierbij wens ik alle fans een hele fijne kerst , en een voorspoedig en gezond 2019 met veel muziek dank v d aandacht die jullie op wat voor manier aan Rick en Ekseption hebben geschonken dit jaar. liefs Inez van der linden
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healty 2019 with lots off music .And Thanks for thinking about RIck and Ekseption this past year Love Inez van der linden

Peter Dam 16-12-18 16:45:45

Hallo Bert,Bedankt voor de tip van de geweldige opnamen van Trace. Ik ben er erg blij mee. Oude tijden herleven.

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