Lilian Philips 21-03-02 21:34:12

Hoi Fanwink!

Heel hartelijk dank voor dat hele pakket tijdschriften, ze zijn veilig aangekomen, eergisteren al maar somehow vergat ik steeds je ff te mailen.

Ik heb errruuuuggg gelachen om die oude interviews! Geweldig dat mijn collectie in 1 klap zoveel groter is geworden!

Laat me vooral weten wanneer je weer wat van TTD vindt )


Erika Ort 21-03-02 21:28:02

Hi Fanwink,
your letter with the mag and the articles arrived last Saturday. Thanks for the quick delivery and the good communication! I am very content with my purchase.
I think it is great that it is possible to order magazines from years so long ago. Do you happen to know if there is anyone in Germany or Britain with a shop like yours?
Best wishes,

patricia granja 21-03-02 21:25:32


I received the Rolling Stones today, early in the morning!

Thank YOU, very much for everything, especially for the very quick way you handled everything.

I´m sure the person whom these are ment for will be very pleased, and it´s all thanks to you.

Hope we´ll be in touch some other time, (and i´ll spread the word around)



carole delambre 21-03-02 21:19:49

Hello Fanwink,

I have just received your magazine Story and your extra.

I would never know how to thank you enough.

The documents on Oliver are fantastic. Mail me if ever you find the other things on the subject, please? In advance, thank you. Could you warn me if ever you find other things about him.

I would be always interested in the purchase of documents about Oliver Tobias.

In advance, thank you.


fanwink 09-03-02 12:28:52

Welkom bij het gastenboek van Fanwink. Als je klant bent geweest, dan wordt je van harte uitgenodigd hier je reactie te geven op onze service. Dan kunnen potentiële klanten een indruk krijgen of ze goed geholpen gaan worden. Voor andere vragen of opmerkingen kun je ons beter emailen.

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