alberto 28-02-10 11:46:42

One of most beautifull movie and a very great site

J.M. Gishbaugher 26-02-10 13:50:50

Just bought Ralph Steadman's art book.., now will have to reread HST's collection.

k troiano 15-02-10 18:16:08

One of my favorite movies. First time I saw it was by accident switching channels and caught the beginning on the highway to vegas. couldn't believe how good it was. had no idea it was depp until the closing credits and I LOVE johnny depp. only movie EVER to capture the true essence of an LSD trip - the carpet moving, the faces melting and LIGHTING flickering - wow! can't say enough, except what an excellent movie, brillant!

Zach 02-02-10 06:30:28

Amazing work he did.

Theodore Eu 21-12-09 01:16:43

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"

fan 09-12-09 00:15:01

Great story! Sooo sick it has to be true!!

no_fault_of_mine 06-12-09 13:08:56

think HST will be happy in the stars to know that over 40 years after he began, thousands of miles away in middle England an entire generation were brought together by music and mind expansion with the same sense of purpose and belonging nothing could break. R.I.P. to strange to live, too rare to die

white rabbit 01-12-09 05:42:55

here's to the depraved writings of a beautiful mind...R.I.P. HST

GLOOM 27-11-09 01:06:33

Yes, epic movie.
Rest in Peace, Hunter S. Thompson

FJD 10-11-09 01:28:46

'Where the Buffalo Roam' was better.

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