Marcel Hiller 16-02-16 17:20:12

Hello, nice Site.
I work in a company that manufactures the camshaft for the engine F 160 AM V6 . Which Ferrari model is this engine ?
Marcel .

Fam. yong 20-01-16 19:09:14

The site is perfect

Mario 01-01-13 17:29:16

Happy new Year!
Ferrari Collection

Goodwood 14-10-12 16:33:35

Perfect site!!

I like this site

paulo vasconcellos 27-10-11 17:52:14

Hello. I'm restoring a fiat 850 and like to know the code in glasurit map of the blue ferrari that belonged to john lennon and was fully restored by ferrari . thanks

El Charro 19-06-10 20:51:41

Hi i like it a lot your SITE its pretty cool ^^.

Please check mine:


Brian Knill 01-01-10 23:30:10

By far the best collection of Ferrari cars....

Ferrari owner...

Hans Hesselman 12-02-08 11:17:01

Very impressive website with lots of non-standard information. A jewel among the Ferrari websites.
Best regards,

Walter 11-01-08 21:24:39

What an awesome website!!! So many pictures ... and also many Ferrari models I've have never seen. Thank you for collecting all this beautiful photographs. Keep up the good work!
Greetz Walter,

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