Malena 05-05-09 13:15:03

Team FR$,
24 hours - Filmprojects is Perfect and Good Idea...
Have You got some good work done

Dennis 05-05-09 10:58:23

Hi everyone!

I really really loved your movies from the 24hr project! It was funny (especially the so-called kissing of Ana and Victoria ) and awesome!

But do you know what I loved the most of all? My time with you last week!! Thanks again!!


André 30-04-09 18:11:25

Hi Frnt4
You are awesome! keep on your good work!


Blooperswatcher 28-04-09 08:43:02

Mix: Bloopers of Module 3 ? I want see this... you too?

Debbie Van Bruyssel 27-04-09 13:30:46

Hi FR4 group!
The Crab Theory movie from Hilde, Florian and Florjan is very good, i'm very good looking for intressed about Crab Theory.
Very good talk about it how deaf people live I like it!
Greetings from me,

Ana's parents 24-04-09 22:50:40

Good movie about Crab Theory! Finally we can understand a movie to perfection! We hope all deaf people follow this movie and support each other.


Giuseppe FR3 24-04-09 22:37:19

Dear my cousins Florjan, Hilde and Florian,
your video "Camb Theory" is very wonderful!!!!
I hope that deaf world will act on this argument, bravissimi!

A fan 24-04-09 21:02:48


Billy S. Allen 20-04-09 01:19:26

Hey guys,
Just wanted to put in my two-cents and tell you I love this website and hope to see further & greater international collaboration.
A colleague of mine at work showed me your AUDISM video and once I saw that, I was inspired to look more into your website and truly enjoyed seeing such unity.
Enjoy life!

Emlyn 16-04-09 18:36:13

now u are all back from Easter, i want to say a biiiig thank u for letting me experience a wonderful week at frontrunners and am honoured to meet every presidents of the fr4 team!
a special thank to Florjan and Ullaanaa for inspiring me with the fitness gym, Mette for playing and beating me at badmintoon (only cos i let u win...), Marte for giving me a tour of Castgebaard (and the beers!), Aliza for being my cig partner, Jenny for the coat, Ana for inspiration and positiveness of Deaf future, Hilde for being honest abt how thin i am, Chiara for giving us a lovely entertainment on 1st night, Florian and Splinter for the amazing acrobatics at the pool, Mel for making sure i am awake on one morning!
for anyone interested in deaf issues, i strongly recommend the Frontrunners experience next year!
i have faith and confidence in each of u to fight and empower for the Deaf ;-)
Emlyn x

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