Bho 16-04-09 11:54:38

Hi there friends of FR4!
Thanks to a cute young Spanish girl, who stands out because of her awesome curly hair, I can follow your adventures through the web. Congratulations to all of you for the effort you make every day not only attending the lessons and lectures but also by studying, doing your tasks, editing the videos and photomontages for the website, etc.

Regardless of all this effort, you always keep a smile on your face that is like a mirror for a lot of people who, like me, follow you. So, since you are a role model for young and not-as-young people, let me make a short comment:

I guess you are all members of an association, federation or confederation of deaf people; for this reason, I would like to ask you to produce a video similar to the ones of deaf art, stop audism, etc. in which you call deaf people not to forget the associations, their past, their history, their culture, where they come from and just remember those men and women that were here before us, who struggled for us the same way we will also struggle for the past generations and the ones that are to come.

My best greetings to all of you from this corner of Spain. Bho (Owl)

Belen-strella! 15-04-09 23:39:23

beautiful video of deaf art. Ana and aliza were wonderful
good work for florian and florjan in the comic =)

now i hope the next report. Kisses for fr4 and a big hug for my sister.

Giuseppe 06-04-09 12:04:07

Ciao my FR4 cousins,

Thank for your great advertising for the youth italian deaf and I want to thank you!


Ciao and HUGS

your FR3 cousin


I am sure that many deaf will aks: which great advertising?
The url is:

katrin 01-04-09 11:44:22

the video deaf art is really awesome!!

bye katrin

Anne Marie Baer 01-04-09 01:23:00

Excellent work! I really enjoy watching you all using International Sign Language with some ASL and English mouthing words. I am a Deaf ASL linguist who grew up with many Deaf foreigners and am married to Israeli Deaf man. I find International Sign Language to be evolving to this day and wish to caution that European signers should keep some of their best sign vocabulary and not to allow ASL to overtake the beauty of European sign language. It is interesting to see how signers resort to which sign is best used, for example, 'language'. I think we still need to explore to see which ones are good fit.
Again excellent work!! I look forward to seeing more video from you.
You can see my works at my web site,

Laura 31-03-09 22:40:58

Hi everyone!
Somebody at school told me about this project; I was very curious and searched on the internet; found this website! I'm a dutch student; I study to become a dutch sign language teacher, I'm in my third year right now.
I think it's so cool what you guys are doing up there in Denmark! I watched several reports and photo's and other stuff and I'm trying to understand the clips signed in international sign hahaha(it IS in international sign right, or am I mistaken haha? To me it looks like it has similarities with ASL, is that right?) Pff, find it hard to understand now and than haha, so thanks a lot for supporting the clips with some written english sometimes; helps me understand it better (respect for signing it al so fluidly, most of the time I have to watch it two times to understand But hey, maybe it's because I'm hearing; slooooow eyes you know )
Love the subjects about the future of deaf people and sign language. I just finished my internship at a school for deaf children in Holland. Ofcourse also in Holland a lot of children with a cochlear implant there. A girl from 2 who I babysit sometimes has a C.I. I try to promote sign language everywhere haha.
How much time do you have left in Denmark? I read you're in the third period right know so I guess not much time left!
Wish you all the best!

Katia 30-03-09 21:06:38

WOW Ana and Aliza's video about Deaf Art
is very very very wonderful. Brave to you, too!
I can't keep from laughing WOW
Thank you very much.

Alexandra (FR3) 30-03-09 15:00:34

Hi, cousins!
Congrats for your very good job! Keep it! Really like all your art WORKS! Laughed a lot! The world need more of that! GO ON, Deafies of World!! Lets show our wonderfull culture!
With Love
your FR-Cousin

Gunars 29-03-09 17:47:23

Hello I really enjoy to watch all videos and It sound good create and say AWESOME FOR ALL DEAF/HOH


KJML 27-03-09 23:54:23

Hey all,
we like FR4 very much and the news reports and photos are
very very interesting.
Makes further in such a way.and much luck you all!!

Greetings from Austria

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