Jo' 27-03-09 13:34:44

well done

victoria - for my siblings! 26-03-09 14:42:28

warm hugs to you all!! i just want to tell you WOW!! I love your artwork!!! very creative and expressive.
make arts, not wars!
misss you all! LOVE LOVE

Yvonne Weinstein 25-03-09 17:27:28

I want to thank you all for making such a wonderful short film regarding AUDISM. My students at the Delaware School for the Deaf saw your production and were inspired by you to create their own video taking a stand against AUDISM.
Keep up the good work!
Yvonne Weinstein

:) 19-03-09 09:42:06

Hallo everyone, I watched your Fr4 viedo. I ams ad that Chaira Lucia Conte uses ASL very much than Int.sign language. Have a good day!

Gustavinho - BRAZIL 18-03-09 15:51:55

Hi group Frontrunners 4! Man alive! I learned so much about Leader,
deaf community, ploticia, knowledge and so on. Congratulations on you
that something is very important endeavor open society in the world.

Hugs for all deaf worlds.

Gustavinho - Porto Alegre - Brazil

Emlyn 15-03-09 13:08:03

fr4! where are the video reports etc of ur weeks so far since the last one about minority? i have been clicking everyday impatiently for new reports, to learn more things abt my dear deaf history and other things!! get ur lazy bum up and get to work! u have had a good week of holiday skiing, so get to work now!! :-p

soetkin 10-03-09 21:32:10

Dear Frontrunners,

I still want to say thank you for the nice time you gave me the few days that I was in Hedensted.
You were all very nice, friendly and open for me, poor little baby-intenational-signing belgian hearing girl that I am.
I learned a lot, and I'll keep the beautiful memory in my mind.
Take care of Hilde, and take care of youselves.

Maybe, we'll meet again. (Whenever.)

With love... soetkin

Malena 10-03-09 12:12:57

FR4 Team...
Have just on your page to look...
That looks really good...

Quite a lot of luck...

nancy popovich 08-03-09 17:49:34

Hello Everyone in FroIVrunners congratulations on your big endeavor to educate, enlighten, empower, et cetera deaf people as well as hearing ppl without looking angry !! Impressive indeed! Don't stop.

Alonso Ramirez 04-03-09 02:50:34

Hello, FR4 like this
? my name is Alonso Ramirez. from Mexico. I am deaf deep also I am Secretary General of the
Youth Commission of the National Union of the Deaf in Mexico is pleasant to me much to know Fr4.
but that I see very they interest to page Web for FR4. se saludo a FR4..

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