nico 02-03-09 10:05:54

welcome to castberggard =)))

Debbie van bruyssel 02-03-09 09:03:25

Welcome Back FR4!
I follow the website up!
Good Luck with Module 3!
Big kiss,

stanko 01-03-09 15:39:40

hello boths,
that's great! I enyojed your news, movies & pics.
Good Luck to all!stanko

Fr4team 28-02-09 15:23:47


Thanks for comment, interesting to hear your opinions!! =)

Anyway, we might be 1 week not active on guestbook, that means that moderator will be off 1 week. Soo, we can't activate your comments for 1 week.

See you all 1 week later!

Carolien - Fr3 27-02-09 11:43:26

Welcome back, FrontrunnIVrs!!!! I will follow your website up
Very good movie about the minority!! This topic is very interesting to discuss about and that the people who wants to join in this discussion is possible in the guestbook. I am happy for that.†But I have a question. Is there no the possibility to have a video guestbook? Then the people, who doesn't know English very well, has a chance to say their opinion...
What do you think about that?

Greetz!Carolien - Fr3

Emlyn 27-02-09 01:59:38

First of all, Iíd like to predict it was Splinter who created this guestbook? itís cos of the orange colour background, and the dutch language at the bottom!
Anyway! Back to serious stuff! interesting topic abt minority/handicap groupÖ (Jenny u become red-face easily donít u? donít worry Iím the same )
Iíll keep it veeery brief, cos this topic can go on for 100 pages!!! I believe we donít belong in the handicap group, cos we get on with life quite easily without help. We can communicate with hearing by body language or writingÖ we have a rich culture, rich language compared to other handicap group.. we are happy being deaf, well, most of usÖ compared to other disabled groups,Ö
10 yrs ago we might be in the handicap group, cos we didnít have the legislation for rights for deaf people, discrimination act, etc etcÖ now lot has improved, like the screen for train telling us platform has changed, we have more interpreters funded by government when we need them, anytime, etc. We have lot more deaf awareness in workplace. I think government money should stop, or become very small money.. that way deafies will stop being lazy, and be strong, find jobs, get more qualifications in education/skills,..
ok, have to stop here now, as only allowed maximum space on this guestbook, and donít wanna bore u all down!!
Emlyn xx

Gabriella 27-02-09 00:27:39

Aloha to all ...
Beautiful this video on minority and handicap, i imagine of a great discussion.
I prefer to enter the world where they give us the services of 100% as world of the hearing ...
You think that will give all services?
I'll be waiting with your opinions ...

Kisses, Gabri

Dennis 26-02-09 22:01:28

Good that you have a guestbook again!!
I think it was a very interesting discussion about those minority and handicap groups. But I don't want talk about it now, because I'm going to watch Lost!! So byebye and have fun in modul 3!

Minna- FR1 26-02-09 20:59:06

i am glad to see you FR4 again! luka luka til may!

Bhuvnesh 26-02-09 19:17:21

Hello! I joined in sign in. i have many times video abt show deaf gud. i m do learned

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