Erik-Jan 26-02-09 10:13:05

Heee FR4

thats great, reopen of the guestbook

well, that's interesting, that term "Minority and Disabled groups". At my first though that we re just a disabled group.
Because some minority groups, for example, indians. they just want it.. they did it at their own choice. So which it means they have a own culture, ritual ( like raindance although im not sure of its real whats indians doin)..

And, we re deaf. Are we deaf because our choices? I dont think so, because if we can choose before we borns, then I think all of deafies will choose as hearing. I dont mean to be negative about deaf.

but after reading wikipedia article about minority groups.
( )

I saw some interesting article, "Disabled minority"
they says; Deaf people are nearest to domiant group ( not literally) we just got only problems with technologies it designed for Domiant group.(like radio)

and im totally agreed with that article

(or I dont understand exactly what minority group means?)

It seems can be combined.


PS; Im sorry about my bad English, hopefully can you understand it all..

Fr4team 24-02-09 21:39:35

Welcome again!!!!

Lets discuss here, and we would love to hear your feedback about us, and our website!

Seeee ya in the future!!

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