Linda Bordeaux 25-02-19 01:25:40

Have made a lot of comments on the different videos. Really love them and the Burger Zoo gorilla family. I thought N'Gayla was #1 female but you said probably Makoua and/Nimba. I just thought since Bauwi was grooming N'Gayla after birth of twins.
Also Likale, the cocky young male we saw back in 2014. Is he the father of N'Irale and mother N'Aika? Also where is he now? Also is N'Gayla pregnant again and this would be her 6th child right, according to the studbook

I saw all your comments on videos and photos on my FB group. It's too much for me to answer all of them. For now I'll only answer the questions you ask in this message.

Nimba was the #1 till Makoua gave birth to Madiba on 24 Oct 2013. Makoua is #1 ever since. So even though Bauwi groomed N'Gayla, she wasn't #1 at that time, or maybe the #1 with Nimba for a few months.

Likale is the father of N'Irale; he could be father of some of the other kids of 2013 too. All these kids are listed in the official studbook 50/50 when it comes to the dad. As soon as all have been DNA-tested the correct dad will be mentioned. Might take a while. Likalé is now in St. Martin la Plaine where he has a daughter with Gypsy. Xia, borned on 22 January.

No, N'Gayla is not pregnant again. All females in Burgers' (and many other zoos) are on birth control, because if they let nature do it's work, there will be many more babys and it's a problem to move boys to other groups.

If you have any further urgent questions in the future, I'd suggest you send me an email (see my website for the mailaddres). It's too much to check out all your messages on Youtube and/or Facebook and answer them there.

Frank 12-01-18 18:52:11

HalloHet fascineert me hoe u al deze informatie over de gorilla's bijeen heeft gebracht. Ik vroeg me af wat u vindt van de verhuizing van Jambo?

Hoi Frank. Ik weet al heel lang van zijn voorgenomen verhuizing. Tijdens de WinterExperience van seizoen 2015 of 2016 werd er al over gesproken. Toen was ik eerlijk gezegd verbaasd en teleurgesteld. En dat ben ik nu nog meer. Laat ik het daar maar bij houden ;-)

Jenny 16-12-16 19:32:17

Hoi CindyWeer een leuk rondje gedaan op je website, sommige dingen opnieuw gelezen & bekeken en andere voor het eerst Ben benieuwd naar het stukje over jouw liefde voor gorilla's Groetjes, Jenny.

Markus "Keulen" 31-10-16 19:37:09

Hello Cindy,
I was sooooooo happy to meet you in Apenheul again.
"The last day 2016",... my last chance to learn the difference between MAPASA & WIMBE...!!!
... and all the other Kid´s,... you´ll help me again in 2017 (-> helpless... )!!!
You´re "STRICKTLY PERMITTED" to contact at my personal e-mail account!
... aaaaahm, ... you asked me talk German,...soooo:

Hallo Cindy,
ich war soooooo glücklich Dich in Apenheul zu treffen.
"Der letzte Tag 2016",... meine letzte Chance den Unterschied zwischen MAPASA & WIMBE zu lernen...!!!
... und allen anderen "Kinderen" ...
Du wirst mir 2017 wieder helfen (hilflos... )
Es ist Dir "ABSOLUT ERLAUBT" an meine private e-mail - Adresse zu schreiben!

Het is goed dat ik je heb ontmoet...
Should mean:
"It was good Luck to meet you..."

Kiley 01-10-16 22:31:01

Je website is geweldig, leuk vooral omdat ik maar in 1 zoo echt vaak kom en de rest niet zo weet ik toch wat over de andere gorilla's

Kiley 01-10-16 22:30:31

Je website is geweldig, leuk vooral omdat ik maar in 1 zoo echt vaak kom en de rest niet zo weet ik toch wat over de andere gorilla's

Jenny 16-09-16 08:54:12

Bedankt voor een aangenaam uurtje lezen en kijken over gorilla's.

Heel graag gedaan Jenny. Ik heb nog zoveel aan mijn site toe te voegen, dus kom zeker nog eens terug. Bij updates zal staan wat er is toegevoegd. Nu de zomer weer bijna voorbij is, ga ik er langzaam aan beginnen. Groetjes

Tara 29-07-16 22:53:51

Hello, I love your videos so much! i am so happy you have all those videos and i can't wait to look over this site. I am so in love with these beautiful animals i cant wait to get the chance to see them ...thanks again,

You're welcome!

Donna Oleksiuk 29-06-16 23:47:40

Hi Cindy:
I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I recently discovered your gorilla videos and I want to thank you for filming the gorillas at Burgers and posting the wonderful videos. I look forward every day to checking in with the family, even if I have watched some of the videos many times. Thank you SO much for all you do. It is much appreciated!!

Hi Donna. Happy to read that you appreciate my 'work'. I love doing it by the way Have a nice day.

Jo 12-04-16 05:59:09

Hi Cindy, I want to thank you for filming and photographing the gorillas at Burgers Zoo, gorillas at other zoos and other species. Your compilation of work is excellent and has allowed the gorillas to show themselves, gentle, loving, individual personalities, loving their families and life. Ideally in a perfect world they would not have to be in zoos but that is how it is. Please continue to film and photograph them. I noticed at the end of 2015 the kids of the Burgers group are beginning to walk like "real" gorillas. How wonderful it is, watching them grow!

You're welcome. I won't stop following, filming and photographing them ;-)

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