Joel stolpe 09-01-07 02:13:47

I found the buick riviera site and the original material, placing this request there instead.


Joel stolpe 09-01-07 02:06:25


Im Working with a bookproject about classic cars. This page has been a fantastic resource of extremely good image and promotion material depicting the classic car model Buick riviera boattail (1971). We might need some of them in a little bit higher resolution to use them in the book. I tried to send an email but it wasnt possible. Please contact me as soon as possible!

We are far in to the project and I would be very thankfull for any contributions.


Joel stolpe Montan

Daniel Rourke 08-01-07 02:13:27

great pictures of buicks, loved boatails looking forward to seeing more or hearing from you.

Joey M Lopez 15-12-06 00:18:41

Owned a new 1972 beautful fully loaded riv. Now I'm looking for another one.

Sarah 09-12-06 06:48:09
Cassie 09-12-06 00:12:44

Good design!
My homepage | Cool site

Åge Frønes 21-10-06 16:29:01

Nice and absolutely the best riviera site on the internet. I am now restoring a nocturne blue 71. riviera. Stay tuned!

Stanley 17-10-06 10:01:50

informative site. I have learned a lot from your site.

Paul R. Herold 09-09-06 17:12:28

Hello all, I am 50, I have 2, 1973 Riv's, I acquired my first one in 1978, silver GS, (still have it for parts) my first true love, the second one and currently in storage, Green w/White top, I have logged over 250,000 miles between the 2 over a span of 25 years, the last 10 probably only a few hundred a year, I can proudly say the first one was my everyday car for 9 years, Best of Luck to all.

Earl Lutz 04-09-06 06:53:40

cool site, photos are great, lots of nice boattails Earl

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