Sandy Fabs 28-07-06 06:31:02

Hi All Riv nuts!!! Greeting from Eastern Long Island New York. I live in the small town of Eastport about 1/2 hr. fromm all the movie stars homes in the fabulous Hamptons! But nobody out there has my super-cool 72 Chestnut Brown Riv with factory Sun roof(only 3% were sold) a $605. option! Although the guy I got it from, turns out,lied about what and how much was wrong with it - nontheless I'm glad I got it. Best to all! -Sandy Fabs

Mr. Sandy "Fabs" Fabricatore 16-06-06 06:36:39

Hi Everyone! & Salutations! I am from eastern Long Island NY -Close but not that close to the Movie stars & rich folks fabulous Hamptons. I have a 1940 Mercury Eight, Town sedan in a very pristine and award winning condition but more importantly I just got my 1st 1972 Buick Riv with Factory sunroof. It is at the mechanics - we are awaiting parts - but I hope to have that brown beauty on the road shortly. Green lights to all!

Josh 10-06-06 21:36:20

you have some nice looking toys

buicknut1977 09-06-06 05:14:57

Wow! This is the car of my dreams! Most people dream of Rolls Royce, Porche, and stuff like that, but for me, it's the Boattail. Bill Mitchell's design is right on!

Murray Fogel 15-05-06 01:09:44

When I was 17 years old, I asked my parents for a cosign a loan for me to buy a 1972 Riv,grey with a black vinal roof.I absolutely love that car until it was rear ended and writin off buy my insurance company.I am now 50 years old in Sept. and have terminal cancer and was just brousing on the web into the past and came upon your site.VERY HAPPY TO SEE!!!!!! That someone else appreciates that car.I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and have not seen one in at least 20 years old,wrecked,rebuilt or otherwise.Take Care Murray

buickman 20-04-06 15:28:14

mooie reportage in de chroom en vlammen van mei 2006 over onze geliefde boattail hugo. je groene loveboat komt er heel mooi uit. ik was ook eens van plan om chroom en vlammen aan te schrijven, nu hoeft het niet meer. het werd wel tijd dat de 71 riviera eens werd voorgesteld in dit schitterende site blijft ook aantrekkelijk,,spijtig dat ze deze niet vermeld hadden in de reportage.
tot binnenkort,van buickman!

My home page click here

Bedankt Bart voor je compliment!

Elwin (indyram) 21-03-06 10:54:38

Hey Hugo...

Alles goed?? Ik heb je site net weer eens ff bezocht en wat ziet dat er allemaal prachtig uit man... Keurig netjes verzorgt en is genoeg tijd aan besteed.. Complimenten hoor..
Ik zie je 1 april op de SNC
Groeten uit Wieringen...

Jur de Jong 03-03-06 10:32:59

Pracht site en schitterende auto's. Zelf heb ik een Lincoln Mark IV uit 1975.
Succes verder.

Fred 26-02-06 21:23:07

Mooije site ziet er goed uit!!

Bjoern Marek 23-02-06 10:00:56

Very nice and informative page! Looks like much of work was done by its owner. And: lovely car!


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