sten 16-01-06 21:08:39

ik bne bezig met een werkje voor school over het sikhisme .. en ik moet zeggen : ik heb veel respect voor jullie godsdienst!! 19

Bedankt voor de berichtje..Laat maar het gerust weten als je nog meer (ie. artikels, foto's over het sikhisme, enz.) zou nodig hebben..Groetjes (admin.)

paramjit singh 27-11-05 19:59:33

Nice to be in this page feel very nice
Any one from khanna gobindgarh can be in touch with your area by visiting

Thanx 22G for your feedback. I personally have close ties with Mandi Gobindgarh & Khanna, wonderful site, keep it up!
(D Singh - admin.)

D SIngh (Admin.) 10-11-05 19:43:38

Thanx to the Sadh Sangat for their appriciation ! Our spacial thanx to S. Rachchpal Singh Sandhu from England for his moral support and idea's to make this site possible. Also thanx to S. Gurmeet Singh from Oostende for his true SEWA to bring this site to Sadh Sangat... :) :)
May God bless our community. !! :)

PREM KAPOOR&SONS 07-11-05 20:27:24

guru piyari sadh sangat ji vaheguru ji ka khalsa sri vahe guru ji ki fateh. main unna sare veera da dillon dhanwad karda ha jina ne eh gurdwara sahib di website tiarr karke sadh sangat noo adunik tarike rahee guru charna nal jorran da uprala kitta hae. app sabb vadhee de patar ho. belgium di sadh sangat and gurdwara guru nanak sahib dee chardi kalla vaste guru charna vich ard*** bentee...........prem kapoor & priwar (belgium)

Thanks for your support concerning this site, We will do our best to bring the whole Sadh Sangat together in Gurdwara Sahib. May God bless everyone ! (D Singh - admin.)

Rupinder Dhillon 23-09-05 19:03:44

Davinder Bai ji,
Sat Sri Akal.
Nice to be in your page.Really web site created by you for gurdwara Guru Nanak Sahib (Belgium) is like a mile stone for sikh community in belgium , it is very nice that sikhs residing in the a nother parts of world can also know about sikh sangat like in Belgium. Really photos from various occations of sikhs events are interesting . I wish you all the best. add little more about the sikh population in belgium .Rest i request readers of guest book to see web site of gurdwara in Norway
Rupinder Dhillon

Thanx a lot for your support for promoting the Gurdwara programmes in different newspapers. The Sadh Sangat from Belgium appriciate you work and wish you all the best and Sadh Sangat from Norway !
D Singh (admin.)

singh paramjit 08-09-05 11:47:27

sadhsangat ji, its a work of appreciation.

thank u 22g, keep visiting the site & share the link with your family & friends...thanx !
D Singh (admin.)

WWW.SIKHS.NL Team 31-08-05 15:30:19

great work sangat ji !!!!

thank you for your valuable words and wish you all the best with you site !!
D Singh (admin.)

D Singh 27-08-05 22:20:03

Hi all, welcome to the site of Gurdwara Sahib ...!
Write your views about Sikhism, our culture, language or our country ...!
Any artikel or view, which is not suitable to the site, will be removed
immidiately...thanx !!

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