Rudolf Kater 22-02-17 16:41:42

Dank aan Henry Siero van the Summertime Connection. Hij wist welke versie ik zocht, van 'the Shake Spears'. Leuk dat ik hem eindelijk heb!

Rudolf Kater 04-02-17 22:24:34

Beste Summertime enthousiasten,

Ik ben op zoek naar een versie die ik ken uit mijn jeugd, in de jaren zeventig. Het heeft in de top veertig gestaan en het was een uptempo versie met een zanger. Ik heb gezocht op andere sites, maar niet gevonden. Jullie database is te groot om te doorzoeken. Heeft iemand enig idee om welke versie het kan gaan?

Alvast hartelijk dank!

Rudolf Kater

Marquejaune 25-12-16 00:29:22

Hi, one cover which is not included in your list : 1999, by the Swing Cats, with Claudia Cummings on vocals. Quite a good one.

Fiona 12-11-16 23:19:53

Hi - Good to see your site. I sang Summertime on May 16 2015 at Christchurch Priory, Christchurch, UK as part of a concert to raise funds for the charity Samaritans. It is such a lovely song to sing. Only an amateur recording was made for posterity. All the best. Fiona

Henk Sys 05-08-15 17:18:40

great job! Great composition..How about Love Sculpture? a band Dave Edmunds was part of... Nice version..
Keep up the good work, grtz, Henk

Karuna Ojanen 18-07-15 19:25:47

Hi - love the song, that's all ....

Louie Dula 22-09-14 21:40:16

Hi I was the drummer in the band called The Bittersweets. The BBC4 had a documentary called In Search Of Summertime they did in 2011. They played our version of Summertime on it. Just curious...... could ANYONE tell me HOW they even knew about our recording? My band is very flattered to have been on the BBC but since we're from the USA can't figure out HOW anyone would have even known about that recording. Louie Dula.

Charlie 12-07-14 02:25:10

Didn't see Gene Harris on the list.

eric T. Schabacker 10-07-14 20:51:45


I give away a Music
Business Scholarship every year to a young person who comes to my studio for a
week to learn, among other things, the business aspects of being a successful
musician and / or song writer. For years I have used your work regarding
"Summertime" to stress upon my students the importance of
understanding copyright law.

First, thank you and
everyone on your team who has worked so hard to do such an incredible job.
I can understand your passion.

Secondly, I will soon be
beginning this year’s Scholarship’s Class and I was hoping you might be able to help me. I am
looking for an updated cover list (names of Artists that have Recorded
Summertime.) The last one I have found is dated May 1, 2011. Do you have a more
recent cover list… say June 1, 2014?

I will begin a search
here in Arkansas for new renditions you do not have. Keep up the good work.

Thank you….

Eric T. Schabacker

Arkansas, U.S.A.

Dom 12-05-14 06:24:41

Thanks so much for this site. I'm working on an essay about Summertime and appreciate your effort. When it's finished I'll send you a notice of it's post on my Blog. It is a fascinating song.

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