Cornelia 09-03-14 20:07:25

Well done for the summertime connection! How about selling a compilation cd with some of your favorite versions? My father asked me for one, but there are none on sale that I have found. Can you help me or direct me to a website that sells one?

Bart Gysens 09-11-13 00:09:37

I also really love this song so much...
So I created a 100-versions blog with well known, beautiful and sometimes surprising versions of Summertime.
Visit the blog at

Oma 18-05-13 22:10:55

bluechel & van deylen covered it too.

gerald 11-12-12 18:21:37

Hi I have 2 versions not on your list, both US 45s. One by The Plaids, the other by The Raptures. Both quite obscure 45s.

Ron van den Bogaard 23-11-12 02:22:07

Funny, I'm collecting this song myself, so far I've about 150 songs. Did a quick check and saw you missed the version from Led Zeppelin? Also have a look at the following link to the Batsauce project with 21 new versions of Gershwin's Summertime: Great music!
Thanks for the PDF and keep up the good work! Ron

Michael Köhler 27-07-12 22:44:13

Hallo Summertime-Freunde,

ich habe eine weitere Fassung des Titels für Euch: Im Jahre 1956 ist auf einem Tefifon-Schallband (Jazz-Parade, TD/S 2221) Summertime in einer coolen Fassung mit Hans Koller und seinen New Jazz Stars erschienen.

Herzliche Grüße


Gert Spierenburg 12-02-12 12:20:02

My email adress is


Gert Spierenburg 12-02-12 12:11:53

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a summertime version I had back in the eighties. It is a live recording by a violin and a (big band). It starts of slow with the violin and than the band comes in fast. I thought it was Stephan Grappelli but I can't find it.


Craig B 24-01-12 21:08:09

Wonderful work, Thank you for your contribution to the world. Now I just have to track down versions from the artist I know on your list and have a listening party with a pal who has similar tastes.
Thanks again.

Alexander K. 22-01-12 00:05:35

Looks like you've missed a wonderful version of Summertime by Zombies

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