Alexander K. 21-01-12 23:55:30

Thank you very much for your titanic work! It's great. So much information I couldn't find before!

scott 06-05-11 15:46:03

The single most evocative jazz piece ever written. Now if I can just identify that ONE arrangement I played as a young musician that has NEVER left my brain....


Tom 27-06-10 22:11:29

Groeten uit Duitsland!
Iím sitting here in awe and shock after quickly scanning through your Summertime covers list.
Want. To. Have.
I guess Iím just another crazy bum.
Hope Iíll see some more on your page soon.
Cheers, Tom

Henry 25-02-10 12:42:26

Hi Cornelia,
You can contact us on (contact) or leave your e-mail address. Otherwise it's not possible to get in contact with you.

Cornelia 23-01-10 14:27:40

I really enjoyed your site! I have a question for you, since you are real passionate Summertimers. See, my dad loves this song, it's his favorite song ever. He asked me to find him a CD with different versions of it, the most I can find. He's very serious about it, I know at what point it would please him, but I don't know where to get my hands on such an item. Could you please help me?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Bikstok 16-12-09 00:16:52

Nice work on the site. Funny seeing others collecting summertime, worlds greatest song, my collection is only about 200 though.
Just skimmed through a couple to see if you were missing any, and to my surprise one of my favourites is missing, proberbly beacuse your list is not up to date, but summertime by love sculpture should be on there.

DNASkully 30-06-09 14:48:23

Love the Site....Nice to know people can get together and commit themselves to something like this. It's wonderful and I envy you guys (and Dolls).

Dr. George Felfoldi 08-02-09 21:12:20

Thanks for adding my name and music to your wedsite. I have three different songs on Summertime, on the Internet. Thanks again.

Bartosz Szlezak 27-12-08 14:26:41

Hi! Does anyone know who is performing the cover of 'The Summertime" that can be heard at: (the Anouck video) ? I would appreciate any help. Please write me at: Big thanks in advance

graham curtis 08-12-08 00:50:46

Hi beleive you found our recording of summertime on youtube. This is a hasty version we did for a one off at the gacmusic open mic night in kidderminster england. our rock band hotwyred does a superb version of the track. we are going to record that version at our next gig and put it on youtube. if we can be of assistance please contact us.
graham curtis

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