Walter Pullens 07-05-08 21:08:39

I found this site using Google.
I'm looking for an mp3 of the Summertime version by The Shakespears (1978).
Can anyone help me?

Almere, Netherlands

Lyn Cantrelle 29-04-08 04:27:25

I'm proud to be on your list of Summertime singers!
Lyn Cantrelle

Michi Moore 28-04-08 22:19:31

What a wonderful site you have. Thank you for sharing it with the world!


Sarah Urban 28-03-08 22:48:28

Henry Siero...thank you SO much for linking me to your site! I can't believe my little comment on so long ago netted me my opportunity to become a fan of your website. I don't have any recording that y'all already don't have listed, but you can at least add a Texan to your list of fellow Summertime lovers.

hein 03-03-08 17:31:02

Waarom krijg ik geen homepage te zien?

Joan Koehler 28-02-08 04:36:45

Summertime was my parents "special" song, only they sang it "for your mammy's rich, and you're pappy's good-looking," which fit our situation.

One time, our college had "Little Sisters" weekend. My parents drove my sisters up to visit me, despite the fact that my father was ill. When it was time for them to pick my sisters up, I called home. My mother answered the phone and said "I can't talk now." My father had had a stroke and fallen out out of bed. When I walked back into the college cafeteria, the recorded music played "Summertime." I burst out crying. He died a week later. But I still love the song and collect every version I can find.

Tom da Bomb 08-01-08 16:45:52

There IS something about this song....In some strange hauntingly beatiful way it seems to capture the essence of a life about to unfold... especially in Joplin's version. I can't listen to it without getting goosebumps.

Vincent Loraine 29-12-07 04:00:55

Hi, I am a german musicain and I have made a version of summertime in my studio. Would you like to have it in your archive? I could send it to you as an mp3 file. If you like, please let me know.

Martin de Bakker 15-10-07 19:10:07

This is, without a doubt, the weirdest common interest that exists. Your hobby is more unreasonable than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. How can I get invovled?

Juie Gale 22-08-07 22:36:03

Summertime means a lot to me as I have a cherished tape recording of me singing it accompanied by my father a few years before he passed on. It was always our party piece when out together with friends etc.Thanks for the memory. My husband heard about you on the radio in UK. Julie

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