Henry 20-07-06 16:43:33

Arthur, you're welcome and thankxxx for the pictures.

Artur da Cruz 02-07-06 17:47:22

its a honor make part of that list

Olga 02-03-06 14:21:00

Thanks for the special work and information!
Calgary, UK

Henry 17-01-06 13:36:23

Great idea. On www.guinnessworldrecords.com I saw the most recorded song, named in this book, is Yesterday. Only 1600 recordings. So that must be done.

edclusa 17-01-06 13:35:27

O my, what a collection!! Are you sure that everything you mention is indeed a cover of Summertime?? I could not have guessed that there would be so many. Why don't you go to the Guinness Book of Records because this is a record that will never be broken by anybody else!! Compliments about your site it has a nice feel.

Aldy Mulder 17-01-06 13:31:50

Bedankt dat we tussen al die grote namen mogen staan als uitvoerende van het nummer " Summertime ".Toch wel een eer. Maak wat moois van deze site,ik kom vanaf nu regelmatig ff buurten. Bluesgroeten van The F.O.G.Bluesband.
FOG Blues Band

Henry 17-01-06 13:27:02

Summertime & the livin' is easy ...

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