james olive 08-03-18 10:47:14

hey friends its nice to see your post i just wanted to know more about the website can anyone help? need to know more about this.
Just have a look:- https://goo.gl/z4a8Tm

Eric Ansems 11-12-12 12:05:26

Bought a windrider 17 from Erwin about a year ago.I am happy to recommend this boat to anyone.I would still even rent one while on holiday.We use ours on a lake in Buriram and have had heaps of fun with it-would love to use one on the ocean some day -chheers-Eric

Erwin Jansen 11-05-12 10:12:41

Our Guestbook was offline for a while, but it is back! Please share your comments or remarks.


TOM 17-12-11 18:09:22

Hey Erwin,

schöne Website.
Viel Erfolg !

Gruss Tom

wahyu 20-02-09 16:03:05

It's interesting to sell some packages to Thailand in future (soon). we trying to get a new market in indonesia to vacation abroad, and Thailand is very reasonable country for us.
looking forward to seeing you soon.


jose legarda jr. 17-02-09 08:46:10

would like to see video of your various models in rough seas

Phillip Johnson 28-01-09 05:01:56

Hello. I would like to know if we can swap urls. I would like to post your website on ours at

And I would like it if you could post our website on your website. I think we might generat some customers for you and it may get a few hits on our cruising website.
Phillip Johnson

Dan Hutton 04-10-08 01:03:04

Contacted you last year. Received an initial response but no follow up on questions about shipping to Legazpi City, Philippines, and totoal costs for boat, trailer, and shipping.

Raj Malhotra 08-09-08 16:05:42

Good to learn about the performance trimarans. Would like to try one and get a few for Chennai; let me know if they can be lauched from the shore and about the construction, and the costs too.

Bye for now, and happy sailing.


John Peterson 20-10-07 15:31:11

Hi all. I tried the Windrider on Samui and it was absolutely great. Can't wait to be back and sail some more. And I will have to see if I can afford one back home...

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