Gisela 19-05-18 21:09:30

Erholsame und sonnige Pfingsten wünscht Dir Gisela

 Brigitte 19-05-18 13:22:52

Hello my dear Lucia
A very nice Pentecost weekend desired
Lots of love and big hug from me

 Honza 19-05-18 12:15:00

AHOJ - I'm sending a picture that will tell me everything again:

 Honza 14-05-18 23:00:10

I came to send you another current picture:

 jacqueline 14-05-18 19:10:13

hallo vriendineen hele fijne avond kom even vertellen dat ik een andere website heb

groetjes jacqueline

 VLASTA 14-05-18 12:11:53


 Claire 13-05-18 13:53:24

Dear Lucia,I wish you a very fine Sunday and a super nice mother's day here with us today is mother's day. And many dear greetings from Claire.

 jacqueline 12-05-18 15:59:42

hallo lieve vriendin

 Evina 11-05-18 21:23:24

 Claire 06-05-18 17:16:28

Dear Lucia,By on my terrace I come wish you a beautiful Sunday here with us is the 29 ° and a super nice new week desired. And many dear greetings from Claire.

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