ria 28-06-17 21:28:53

Liebe Lucia.Viele Abend Grüße von mir zu dir

 Claire 28-06-17 16:16:53

Dear Lucia,I'm back from a lovely trip of 3 weeks in Spain all days very hot with temperatures of 30 degrees and 35 a much enjoyed and get a very fine Wednesday wishes with many dear greetings from Claire.

 Truda 28-06-17 15:41:30

 Evina 27-06-17 09:37:59

 KarolinaCaroline 25-06-17 23:10:03

Good night Lucia

 magdaléna 24-06-17 21:02:05

Pekný zvyšok horúceho víkendu, milá moja Lucka.

 ria 23-06-17 22:17:36

Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende. Viele Grüße und später gute Nacht

 Truda 22-06-17 17:51:00

 Evina 21-06-17 12:01:08

 Angeles 19-06-17 01:03:06

My greetings, my dear friend, I have barely
been able to enter because of my mother's illness, but here I am again visiting
your site Best regards for you and your family, good evening and happy start of
the week

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