B vd maten 26-08-21 15:21:59

(05-30-2010) Hallo,

Ik zag dat de kaarten voor de tour in 2010 nog niet in de voorverkoop zijn bij de diverse podia. Ook las ik dat het optreden in In the Woods een prive optreden is. Hoe is daarvoor aan kaarten te komen? Ben daar de laatste keer ook geweest en was erg inspirerend.

Bvd maten Utrecht

Leigh-Ann Pellerin 26-08-21 15:20:51

(05-29-2010) This is in response to Pam's question about the song John wrote for his mother. I know he wrote the song "Part of Your Own" for his mother. The one you heard may be something more recent than that. Just thought I would try to help out a curious Gorka fan. That song is found on "Between 5 & 7." Hope this helps. Good Day!!

Daithi Rua 26-08-21 15:19:43

(05-14-2010) Anyone who likes to hear great songs or if you're a songwriter yourself you NEED to see and hear this master craftsman at work. There's only one John Gorka....


Kevin McGuffin 26-08-21 15:18:14

(04-30-2010) Dank ya well!

Pam 26-08-21 15:17:17

(04-26-2010) Hello and thanks so much for this site!! It's wonderful. I'm just getting back into seeing live music again and was able to see John here in Jersey the other night with Cliff Eberhardt--what a great show. John sang a song for the encore that he said he wrote for his Mom, absolutely beautiful, and I was wondering if he has recorded it and what the title might be. I wanted to speak to him after the show but he was surrounded and I didn't get the chance. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pam

Leigh-Ann Pellerin 26-08-21 15:16:32

(04-26-2010) Jos-I love checking in to see your new updates, thank you for all of them. I also love when I can take the time to look through some of the things that have been there for a while. I've viewed the house concert before, but recently,I can't get "July, You're a Women" out of my head. Thanks again for all you do, it is much appreciated!!

dimos kassapidis 26-08-21 15:15:37

(04-25-2010) i am a big fan from greece of john gorka!!have in youtube covered songs !i love his music!!!!!!
hope to see him one day live!!!!!thanks

Lynnette Najimy 26-08-21 15:14:19

(04-25-2010) We are so honored and grateful for John's wonderful support for FODfest. His benefit show last summer was a wonderful success in creating an atmosphere of music, community, and friendship. It also helped support our 2009 International Tour and new programs. THANKS JOHN! Here are links to a couple songs from the event:

Paradise, Once at FODfest

When She Kisses Me at FODfest


Julia 26-08-21 15:13:21

(03-18-2010) Great job Jos. Hope you are well. Julia

Doris Collins 26-08-21 15:12:11

(01-07-2010) Thanks so much for this in-depth, detailed, and rich John Gorka fansite! It's a real pleasure to visit and enjoy any new information about one of my most favorite musical artists of all time! Your hard work and investment of time and energy is truly appreciated. I visit often and always look forward to seeing what's new -- thank you!!

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