tim 28-01-08 08:54:38

hoi allemaal

Veenema 21-01-08 22:58:14

Hoi Familie,

We hebben in Oktober Kinga gekregen. Een dochter van Jumanne. Ze is op 30 Juli geboren. Ze is ontzettend braaf, slim en stout en natuurlijk heel mooi. Als je een foto wilt zien, stuur dan even een e-mailtje terug.

vr.gr. Marco en Evelien Ede

Ingela 15-01-08 14:16:26

Hi Juma !
Sone I will be able to give you some great hug from Nilla and Ella
See you sone

Henriëtte en Sky 16-12-07 15:18:26

Hé luitjes,

Fijne Kerst en een goed 2008 .

Raymond, Henriëtte, kids en Sky

Karin en tom 24-11-07 19:41:53

I must give you Kingas adress:
www.omvandla.nu is the perfect translationguide HA HA HA....

Karin en Tom 24-11-07 19:38:42

we were just looking in to your guestbokk and realized that we have not sent you any greetings here. To the nicest people in Holland.
Kinga is so tense, christmas is soon here I guess Juma also is a little bit nervous if he has been a nice dog but if you ask Kinga he says that Juma is the best friend you ever could get so he can be sure he is getting christmasgifts.
Puss och Kram
Karin, Tom and Kinga

Ella 06-11-07 00:06:26

Oohh Juma, ofcourse also with the others in the Brilliant litter, I was only so happy ower her junior champion title, it´s a new thing for my


Ella 05-11-07 22:48:53

Hoi my love Juma !
We did a great work with our Jewelridge Brilliant Ohara, don´t you think ?

Your Ella

African hunter's Kennel 15-09-07 23:44:19

Thank you for congratulations in our guestbook.
We have been on your site several times and Juma is such a stunning boy !!!
Best wishes from African Hunter's Kennel , Sweden

Ludmila 06-07-07 15:04:39

Greetings from Russia!
We have the good news. 01.07.07. Dog Show in Moscow, Jewelridge Brilliant Ohara BOB-puppy.
We`re very proud of our dad Jumma`s victory and hope that Ohara will be match with her father.

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