Harry Broker 13-11-17 15:18:59

Beste wensen voor jullie toekomst! Google Search; Aquablauw Music!

cameron harris 28-04-15 20:44:37

Hey J, didn't know you were in AZ in Feb. next time stop by guitarcollector1.com and I'll give ya a few FREE lessons! Jammed out with Kenny W.Shepard and BUDDY GUY this fall…now that's the blues brother! hope all is good in Neth.

Jorrit Stolk 03-08-14 15:55:58

Hallo Jeroen. Ik heb je bij Tonio en Cor op Musictoco gehoort. fijne muziek. Tonio is een goede vriend van me. ik woon in hoorn. Zou je het leuk vinden een keer te Jammen?
Groeten Jorrit

Hey Jorrit, Jammen ben ik altijd wel voor te porren call me nr staat op de site

Andy 28-07-14 14:10:53

Terrific show at Last Concert Cafe in Houston! Hope you enjoy the stone guitar pick.

Thanks for that stone guitar pick and awesome to pay with

 Master Wayne (Ethan 103) 09-07-14 07:00:47

Thanks for stopping by Devil's Advocate to jam in July! We may have to contact you about the Netherlands sometime. Check out our band Ethan 103.

Hope to catch you again in the future.

Have a good one Wayne, we will meet again

Mark Bowdish 07-07-14 00:16:12

Hey guys,My name is Mark and I am the owner/manager at The Drunken Lass in Prescott AZ. Just want to say we are looking forward to your arrival and can't wait to hear ya'll playing live on our stage!

Thanks ,we had a awesome time at your place Hope to play there again someday

Jimmy 01-03-14 11:16:36

Hello, Jeroen!
You really rock, man!
Hope to see you at Batavia Blues!!!!!


 Addictedtosound 13-10-13 23:02:46

Heyyy man wat een vet coole site....ziet er mooi uit...Grtzz... Conny & Rico

 bluesman john 13-10-13 16:59:20

He jeroen ....
Het zie mooi uit en de muziek goed (beregoed)
Veel succes ....groetjes bluesman john van www.compleetfm.nl

Katrina Johnson 01-08-13 22:23:42

Hi Guys!!! Its your friendly Roulette dealer from Fitz Casino. Wanted to let you know how much me & my Mother enjoyed your Cd. Thanks for sharing it & the T-shirt. Be in touch if you ever get back to this part of the states. Ya'll have a great sound!! Keep it up. hope to stay in touch. Maybe one day I'll get out of Mississippi. lol. Thanks again. Tell your wife I said Hi too!! Stay safe. Peace. Later.

Hey we had a great time ,and got home safe .enjoy the cd and the Tshirt
Keep in touch

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