Sarah Ryn 11-04-12 14:08:28

Awww i absolutely loved looking through your site.. And hope that one day i can to own one of the kingsline! What amazing achievements too ..

louise 17-03-12 08:20:41

your Bostons are beautiful and lots of great information which has been a great help !!!

ramon ayala 20-02-12 02:05:39

i love your website !!!

 Natalie Peden 11-02-12 06:06:17

Hi! I have Staffordshire Bull Terriers and a have recently added a Boston Terrier to the mix - I love your website, and the breeds you have dedicated yourself to.

Bostons have taken over my life now! haha

There are not many options in New Zealand for Boston breeding etc, compared to other countries, so its great to see such detailed web sites such as yours!

All the best, Natalie

 Jana Kreplova 02-08-11 13:24:23

Hello, I enjoy my time visited your great website! Wonderful design and wonderful dogs! ) Jana and french bulldogs from Aglaos kennel

 Andrea & Gary (Ukusa) 24-06-11 22:58:48

Great new webpage. Appropriately majestic. x

Kath 12-06-11 00:04:13

Missed you both at the breed club show today. Hope all ok and see you soon Kath x

Janet Metcalfe 15-04-11 22:11:03

Really like your website. Very well put together.

 Sara (LaRoyal) 15-04-11 14:21:57

Hello! Loving the new design and layout! Hopefully see you ringside soon! x
Sara and all the mutts!

 Maria Vrancken 12-04-11 07:17:51

Lovely website and great dogs !!
Marc en Marieke

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