Lynsey 21-01-13 22:41:17

I am a massive Flying Doctors Fan, I live in the UK.
For Christmas I got the complete box set which i absolutely enjoy

Margherita 12-06-12 14:44:01

Great! Thanks for alerting me! To be honest, I just came across it earlier this week, too. Together with a whole bunch of others I'd never heard of as well. Oh boy, this guy has been *so* productive...

Keimpe en Irma 13-05-12 18:02:24

Dear Margharita,

We found another book by G. Betlem that was not in your list.
Job en haar bazen. Meulenhoff Flamingo reeks 27

Best regards,
Keimpe en Irma

2takesfrakes 26-01-11 16:22:33

Hi, Rita!

I saw the URL for your site
and it got me curious. I hope
you're having fun with it.

Warmest regards,


chiara 05-05-10 21:24:54

ciao, sto cercando una canzone del 1975 "il buio", ho trovato il testo, ma sto cercando la musica...potete aiutarmi?
grazie Chiara

TONIA GAMBARDELLA 11-03-10 12:55:37

Mia figlia Michela è iscritta al coro della ns. chiesa e deve imparare il testo della canzone Tanzanìa e. Non riesco a trovarlo. Potreste aiutarmi?
Tonia Gambardella

Margherita 30-11-08 21:33:02

Thanks, Marian!

With so many photos, I hope you'll resign in my referring to the site, instead of uploading the whole bunch (and I have even more in my computer...) to the files of the group...

marian slight 27-11-08 14:32:23

great site margherita love the photos too well done .

Margherita 15-11-08 11:36:25

Hi Dawn,

Just for the record: I answered you by private message through!

See ya,


Dawn Jorgensen 28-09-08 08:02:51


I don't know if you will even read this, but here it goes: On your fanfic page you wrote:

A few years later, Zorro got me started on a fanfic in
which Victoria finally puts 2 and 2 together and then
starts to taunt Diego to agony with her newfound knowledge.
But I only wrote the beginning, and when I recovered it a
few years ago, I didn´t have a clue as how I wanted to
continue. As a matter of fact, I still don´t.

I don't care if you haven't finished it! Write it anyway! Not all the stories are finished, you may have noticed! And maybe the act of writing it down for the fanfiction may joggle your brain cells into action. Heavens, just write what you have, end it, and let the reader's imagination run wild. There isn't a way to get a hold of you through fanfiction (yet) so its not like we're going to bombard you with requests to finish! Well, maybe through the review page!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more Zorro stories!!!!!

Thank you!

Dawn BTW: dobies is short for dobermans. I have had as many a 3, now down to one, as the others passed away from old age, and I will have to move soon, so I am going to wait 'til then.

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