Susan 23-12-16 01:44:15

Fantastic website!!! I can see what I do & don't have.

Karoly Focze 29-01-13 11:34:25

I collect the coastersfrom world.I'm interest swap other collector's. If interest swap with me,please write e-mail.
My web-site :
Regards, Karoly ( Charlie -from HUngary )

MIRCEA GOREA 10-01-13 17:06:04

Great site... Congratulations!

My name is Mircea Gorea and I'm a beer coasters collector from Romania.
If somebody agree an exchange, please contact me at

Vojtech KociŠn 13-12-12 11:10:42

New catalog of beer coasters in Czech and English language - daily updated:

giuseppe 17-02-12 17:08:15

good morning at all fellow collectors, my name is giuseppe from italy, I like to collect beercoasters, I can offer in exchange beercoasters, beerlabels, caps etc etc, I speak english, french and spanish. I answer at all friends.
please contact me thank you so much

…verton Rodrigues 17-02-11 17:02:11

Hello friends! I'm from Brazil and I collect beer coasters from all countries. I have
some coasters for exchange. I want to exchange beer coasters with
people from all countries! Regards, …verton Rodrigues (BRAZIL)

M , Islam 02-01-11 15:05:29

I am from Bangladesh. I can offer the most rare Bangladesh beer item/sell them. If you interested please mail me,
E-Mail < >
Kind regards,
M. Islam.

Antonio Beltr„o - BRAZIL 27-11-10 01:27:15

Collector beer coasters Brazil ,exotics and others. Interested send me scans doubles beer coasters . My e-mail > > Regards . Antonio > Brazil

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