Antonio Beltrão 27-11-10 01:22:26

I have beer coasters of BRAZIL, Latino America, Asia, Africa, Carib, Orient, Island of Pacific and others exotics. Interested send me scans doubles coasters for exchange. Regards, > Antonio Beltrão > BRAZIL

GaryWilkins 24-10-10 01:34:03

Keep up the good work. This is fantastic and a brilliant reference guide especially for Australian Brewery issues from overseas. Happy to contibute to your catelogue with Australian Issues as they become known. Always on the lookout for trades for Guinnes and Australian Breweries. have thousands of Aussie issue to swap for anyone interested.
Keep up the good work
Gary Wilkins - Adelaide, Australia

Mircea Ivanov 12-08-10 23:17:02

offer romnian

Jarda 28-02-10 21:43:30

Ich verkaufe komplet:

Lubos 17-01-10 14:10:09

Dear Kurt,
I am collect beer labels and coasters. I am from Slovakia (Europe).
If you would like to exchange labels / coasters, please contact me on: and I can send you photos of what I have.

Fuastas Augustas 08-11-09 01:08:25

super site
super collection
best what i have been seeeee.super!
i'm collector from Ireland (collecting coasters 20 years)
if somebody would like trade-please mail me
i have 10000 beer coasters from all world for change-trade-sell.etc....
scans available-sorry i haven't my personal web site

Antonio Beltrão 25-09-09 23:54:56

Collector beer coasters de Brasil anciens and news , Latino America, South America , Asia, Africa ,Island of Pacific, Orient and exotics nacions. Interested special beer coasters of Iraq, Iran, Jordania , Palau, Tonga, India, Guine Bissau and others exotics nacions. Send me scans doubles coasters for change . Regards:- Antonio - BRASIL - e-mail-

Salah Abraheem 27-07-09 15:10:17

I sell beer labels and coasters iraq and all others countries ok

wait Thank

uwe scholta 10-07-09 19:08:10

Hi,Very interesting catalogue.
I collect now about more than 30 years mats from Australia and Oceanique and could find very useful informations and a lot of coasters which are missing me.

kiwibreweriana 29-05-09 06:26:39

Your site is an excellent reference for all New Zealand and Pacific Island beer coasters. Well done.
tVRHHXrevor @ kiwi breweriana

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